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Top 5 Chat Applications To Avoid Boredom During The Lockdown


The Coronavirus lockdown has been a pretty boring situation for most people, this is especially true for teenagers without nothing much to do. With the education system on a break, no places to go out and hang out with friends, boredom can really get the worst of us. Here are 5 of the best chatting applications to while away sometime during these holidays.

- Updated: 15th Apr 2022, 22:44 IST
  • 1
    1. Quarantine Chat
  • 2
    2. Discord
  • 3
    3. WhatsApp
  • 4
    4. Instagram
  • 5
    4. Snapchat

With the government announcing several weeks of lockdown, most youngsters are left free at home with nothing much to do. Most of the youngsters used to spend their time on education, going out to play with friends and hanging out at eateries and other places around the city. With these things no longer being an option, most youngsters are finding it difficult to pass the time. Here is a list of five best chat applications that help you pass some time during the lockdown period. 

1. Quarantine Chat

Quarantine Chat

QuarantineChat is an app that has been working to connect individuals across the world who are in isolation because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The application is accessible through both Android and iOS. It helps you in building serendipitous conversations with a total outsider who is stuck at home.

The application arrangement is very simple. All you need is your date of birth, mobile number and a  steady WiFi for making calls. To get the show on the road, a subject of conversation will be given to the other person you have matched with who can also decide to discuss something totally different to the given topic. It comes with an app Dialup which also means it’s toll-free! With end-to-end encrypted calls, privacy is safe. This app hopes to bring a little happiness in this dark time.

Visit And Experience Quarantine Chat From Here

2. Discord

discord top chat apps to avoid boredom

Discord is a chatting and VoIP platform created for video gamers, it specializes in Text, Image, Video and Audio communication between users and in chat channels. The application is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and web browsers. The platform is very successful in the gaming community and has over 250 million unique users discussing the different games and streaming it in their channels.

The Application supports text and voice channels in which users can join to communicate and game together. Discord works on the concept of Servers and Channels, a serer could denote a game or a community of people and Channels are subsections of a Server that restricted people can be granted access to. There are also voice channels in which users can join to have a group VoIP chat online. 

  • Comes with gaming exclusive features to enhance the gaming experience
  • Comes with group VoIP chats and screen share option to share your live stream
  • Well organized in servers and channels also includes voice channels.

Download Discord for Android

Download Discord for iOS

3. WhatsApp

whatsapp top chat apps to avoid boredom

WhatsApp is perhaps the most common and famous tool when it comes to chatting online, widespread availability, free usage, and the massive host of features are the most important reasons for the application to become a massive hit. The WhatsApp application supports individual and group chats with huge limits. The application also supports group voice and video calls enabling more users to communicate effectively without having to depend on other applications.

The groups can have multiple admins who moderate the users and content on the group. WhatsApp is cross-platform, it is available on Android, iOS and there is also a web client that can connect to your smartphone to read and respond to your messages. WhatsApp has over 1 billion users and only needs a phone number to finish the signup process. 

  • Has the biggest user base in any chatting platform
  • Available on both iOS, Android allowing most users access
  • Comes with all essential features including groups, voice call, and video call

Download WhatsApp for Android

Download WhatsApp for iOS

4. Instagram

instagram top chat apps to avoid boredom

Instagram is yet another social media platform owned by Facebook, it mainly rose to face as a photo-sharing application. Instagram is the best place to flaunt your lifestyle and stay socially active. Instagram also comes with a chat option and allows users to instant message a user or create groups of users and chat in it.

There is also a video chat option allowing users to initial individual or group video calls on the application to connect with the users easily. The Instagram chat feature is useful as it allows you to share the Instagram posts to your other friends directly without having to leave the platform. There is also Instagram stories option which allows you to share images and posts on your story that lasts only 24 hours, this is an easy way to reach your followers and there is also an option to tag them. 

  • Comes with groups and video call feature alongside chat option
  • Allows you to share the posts within the application with ease

Download Instagram for Android

Download Instagram for iOS

4. Snapchat

snapchat top chat apps to avoid boredom

 Snapchat is one of the most private and safe application to chat with sensitive material. Snapchat rose to fame as an application where users can send disappearing photos. While sending a photo to a group or an individual, the user can set for how long the user can see the image, the images can be replayed for a maximum of one time and the sender is notified when an image is replayed.

Even when the recipient takes a screenshot of the image, the sender is notified and this can help them avoid such situations in the future. Snapchat also comes with stories so you can post an image for all your users to see for a period of 24 hours. Snapchat also has stories from business and celebrity accounts which you can follow to get the latest updates. 

  • It offers an extremely private way of sharing images without worrying about them getting leaked. 
  • Offers all the essential features including chat, groups, voice and video calls. 

Download Snapchat for Android

Download Snapchat for iOS




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Highlights of the Story

  • Houseparty is a video chatting application that allows users to chat using their smartphones or Laptops, it is very intuitive and notifies the user when their friends come online
  • Discord is a dedicated messenger for gamers and it is built around them, it comes with a lot of features that help with game streaming and voice chats in servers
  • Other generic applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Telegram already have a huge user base and offer good functionality to keep in touch

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