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How To Download WhatsApp’s Latest Version APK


Keeping Whatsapp updated to the latest version is important to have access to all new features and fix existing bugs. There are a variety of ways available on the internet that allow us to download Whatsapp’s latest version APK for free. Primarily, the Google Play store is the most common way to download and update the app. Other methods include Whatsapp’s official website and a plethora of third party websites that let us download the app’s APK for free.

- Updated: 1st Nov 2022, 15:00 IST
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    New Features in WhatsApp
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    How to Download the latest version of WhatsApp?
    • Method 1: WhatsApp’s Official Website 
    • Method 2: Download From 3rd Party Websites
    • Method 3: Keep WhatsApp Updated From Google Play Store
    • Method 4: Install WhatsApp Beta Version

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications across the globe. With almost 340 million users, the app has become essential for any smartphone. One of the prime reasons for the app’s popularity is its ability to communicate with encrypted messages. Modern users are extremely concerned about their privacy and security.

Other than text messages, Whatsapp allows you to send various types of media such as documents, audio files, etc. But today, the app has become more than just a messenger. Whatsapp Inc., owned by Facebook, has been experimenting with a lot of new features to attract more users. 

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New Features in WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp media files consume a significant amount of space in our devices. A new storage management tool has been introduced to provide an effective solution to this problem. This makes it easy for users to manage the storage consumed by WhatsApp.
New Features in WhatsApp
  • Also, WhatsApp payments have been rolled out for most of the users in India, through which you can perform monetary transactions directly through the app. 
  • Some of WhatsApp’s new features are highly inspired by other social media platforms such as Snapchat. One of them is disappearing messages. By enabling this option, the app destroys old messages after a week of them being sent.
  • Speculations are rife that WhatsApp might soon release a new update for users which will enable multi-device support. Currently, you can get access to your account through a single smartphone only. 

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How to Download the latest version of WhatsApp?

Method 1: WhatsApp’s Official Website 

WhatsApp's Official Website 

The best and the simplest way to get the latest version of WhatsApp apk is to download it from the official website. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Step 1: Visit Whatsapp’s Official Website
  • Step 2: Click on the top right corner which shows more options.
  • Step 3: Go to “Download” section. This step will either redirect you to Play Store or start downloading the APK. 
  • Step 4: Once the file is downloaded, browse the application under the Downloads section, open the app by clicking on the downloaded apk file.
  • Step 5: A popup will be shown on the screen to confirm the installation process. Hit ‘Install’ and the installation will begin.

Now if you already had a Whatsapp app you don’t have to login again once you install this apk and all your data will be there.

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Method 2: Download From 3rd Party Websites

Download From 3rd Party Websites

Apart from downloading the app from the official Whatsapp website you can also download the apk from a lot of third-party websites that host the latest version of apk for almost all Android apps.

APK Pure is one of the few reliable websites for apps. Most of the applications that are unavailable on Google Play Store can be downloaded from here. Downloading WhatsApp from APK Pure is an easy process.

  • Step 1: Visit the ApkPure Website or Softonic Website and search for the app that you are looking for from the search bar.
  • Step 2: Now, you have the list of all versions of that app. Select the latest version available and click on the download button.
  • Step 3: The download will start only when you grant permission by clicking on “Ok”. After the permission to download is granted, the download process will begin.
  • Step 4: Check your notification panel and click on the prompt regarding APK download. Or you can also look for the apk file in the downloads section.

The rest of the installation process is the same as we did in the previous method.

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Method 3: Keep WhatsApp Updated From Google Play Store

WhatsApp Updated From Play Store

WhatsApp frequently rolls out new features through updates that are done via Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app by using any of the above methods, you have to update it on regular basis. Here’s how to update Whatsapp to the latest version from Google Play Store.

  • Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and search for Whatsapp.
  • Step 2: Click on the app, and in case you see an “Update” button on the right side of “Uninstall” button, this means that an update is available to install.
  • Step 3: Click on “Update” button and the update will begin to install and Whatsapp will be updated to the latest version.

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Method 4: Install WhatsApp Beta Version

Download WhatsApp Beta Version

Beta versions are released by firms for a limited number of people who are willing to test an application in its premature stage or to test out new features for existing applications. Adopters of this program have early access to new features and services.

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Whatsapp also offers a similar option for users to experience new features before anyone else. You can simply opt for the Beta program by following any of the two methods mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Open Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp application. 
  • Step 2: Now, scroll down past the app description, images, and similar apps section to find the ‘Join the beta‘ panel. 
  • Step 3: Now, tap on the button “Join” and confirm. 

Once the registration is confirmed you would get an update to the existing Whatsapp app from the Play Store and this update will install the Whatsapp Beta over the existing Whatsapp application.

Download Whatsapp Beta apk

You can even Install Whatsapp Beta from third party apk websites such as Apkmirror and download the Whatsapp Beta apk from these websites. The rest of the installation process is the same as we did earlier.

Please note that beta programs are for testers and you might encounter some bugs. So it is up to you, whether you want a stable experience or the latest features.

This sums up our ultimate guide to download the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger for your Android device.

Always try to keep your application updated to the latest version to get the best possible experience.

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  • Whatsapp keeps adding new features to the app with every update.
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