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How To Make WhatsApp Video Calls Using Laptop


In this article, we have brought an easy guide which will help you to make video calls using Whatsapp on your Laptop or your PC. While the feature is still not available natively on Whatsapp Web, you can access it by using an emulator. Bluestack is one such emulator, which allows you to access Android apps on Windows. Also, you can use Messenger Rooms from Facebook to make Group Video Calls through Whatsapp. 


By Tech Geek - 
22nd Jan 2021
WhatsApp Video Calls Using Laptop

Highlights of the Story

  • Whatsapp Video Calls are an essential part of the messenger app. 
  • Although Video Calling on Whatsapp Web is currently unavailable for users. 
  • There are a few alternative methods through which you can make video calls through Whatsapp on your laptop. 

Video Calls and Online Meetings were the talks of the town in 2020. Most of us were forced to Work-from-home or to take online classes. Whatsapp’s Video Calls were also widely used for the same purpose. Due to the non-availability of Whatsapp Video Calls on Windows, many of us shifted to Zoom or Google Meet. 

But, there’s a way by which you can make Video Calls on Whatsapp through your laptop. Although the feature is officially coming soon, you can access it even today by using a few tricks. There are two common methods that we are going to cover in this guide, i.e., through an emulator and by using Messenger Rooms. 

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Before executing any of the below methods, ensure that the Whatsapp Application on your smartphone is updated to the latest version. 

Method 1: Using Messenger Rooms 

By default, Whatsapp supports group Video Calls with up to 8 members. But, by using the below-mentioned method, you can include 50 people in a video call. This is possible because Messenger Rooms allows you to add up to 50 participants in a group call, unlike WhatsApp’s mobile version.

To execute this method, you must be logged in to your Facebook account on a browser. Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Open the browser in which you are already logged in to your Facebook account. 

Step 2: Open a new tab, and go to or simply click here. A QR Code will appear. 

Step 3: On your smartphone, open Whatsapp and click on the three dots icon at the top corner. From the options that appear, click on Whatsapp Web. 

Whatsapp Web

Step 4: Scan the QR code on your laptop/PC through the camera interface that appears on your smartphone. 

Step 5: Once you are logged in to Whatsapp on your Laptop, find the three-dot icon and click on it. 

Create a Messenger Room

Step 6: Click on the ‘Create a Room’ option that appears among the options. 

Step 7: In the dialog box that appears, click on the “Continue in Messenger” button to open a new Facebook Messenger Tab. 

Step 8: When you enter the new tab, click on the “Create Room As XYZ”  button. The video call will now start, with just one member, i.e., you.

Step 9: Click on the ‘Copy’ button to copy the invite link to your laptop’s clipboard. 

Messenger room

Step 10: Go to the Whatsapp web tab, and open the group chat whose members you want to include in the video call. 

Step 11: Paste the link in the message box and send the message. Now ask your group members to join the Video Call by clicking on the link. 

That’s it! You can now invite up to 50 members to join the conference.

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Method 2: Using an Emulator

Android emulators such as Bluestacks allow us to use Android apps on a Windows computer platform.

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Basically, we have to install the Android version of Whatsapp on Bluestacks, and it will work as it would have worked on an Android phone. Here is the detailed procedure to execute this method:

Step 1: Download Bluestacks Emulator from or simply click here. 

Install Bluestacks

Step 2: When the download is completed, the main files, which weigh around 500MB, will start installing on your Laptop/PC. 

Step 3: Once the app is installed, complete the setup process by logging in to your Google Account. 

Step 4: On the top right corner, type ‘Whatsapp’ in the search bar. 


Step 5: Find ‘Whatsapp Messenger’ among the apps, and install it. 

Step 6: A new tab is created alongside the top navigation bar, named ‘Whatsapp’. Click on it. 

Whatsapp on Bluestacks

Step 7: Agree to the Terms and Conditions dialog box that appears. Now, enter your phone number and click on ‘Next’. 

Step 8: Enter the OTP to access your Whatsapp account. 

Step 9: Open the group chat whose members you want to include in the video call. 

Step 10: On the top right corner, a video call button appears beside the voice call button. Click on the Video Call button and select the required contacts. 

Video Call on Laptop

The video conference will now start, and you can allow up to 8 members into it.

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This sums up our guide to ‘How to Video Call on Laptop Using Whatsapp’. While the feature is highly anticipated to arrive soon officially, these methods are no less in terms of accessibility and ease of use.

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