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Best Free Fire Alternatives in India


Free Fire was one of the most downloaded and played games in India. Sadly, it all changes now with the Indian Government banning it and so, we present to you the best Free Fire alternatives to play in India right now! This list will not let you down for sure.

- Updated: 1st Nov 2022, 13:52 IST
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    Play these 5 Best Free Fire Alternatives Instead!
    • BGMI
    • PUBG New State
    • CoD Mobile
    • Fortnite Mobile
    • Silly Royale

In another round of app ban in India, Garena Free Fire meets the same fate as PUBG Mobile. That is what brings us to finding the best Free Fire alternatives in India. The Government of India has banned 54 apps in the country. Sadly, one of them is the ultra-popular and one of our absolute favourites – Garena Free Fire.

This article is devoted to make you find the best Free Fire alternatives in India. Good news is that Free Fire MAX has not been banned yet. However, there is no confirmation about whether it will stay that way or not. The standard Free Fire was a lite version and MAX takes up more resources and space for it is way more graphic intensive and meant for high-end devices.

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With Free Fire gone, players with either have to resort to Free Fire MAX or find other alternatives. In our best Free Fire alternatives list, we do not include FF MAX. Why you ask? We definitely do not want you to invest your time in a game that is currently right on the edge of uncertainty. The games we have included seem to be well protected against the ban curse. So, let us take a quick look at these alternatives and lift your spirits right up!

Play these 5 Best Free Fire Alternatives Instead!


best free fire alternatives

It goes without saying that Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is one of the hottest battle royales to play on your phone right now! This is basically the Indian version of PUBG Mobile and pretty much EVERYTHING is the same in the two games. So yes, you can expect the same dynamic game mechanics, fluid controls and stunning visuals like in PUBG Mobile.

It would be very hard to NOT recommend this as one of the best Free Fire alternatives in India currently. Besides, Krafton is taking multiple measures to stand strong against the hacking community in the game.

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The game is definitely going strong and it is never too late for you to hop right in on the fun! Additionally, if you are not much of a battle royale fan, other game modes like Team Deathmatch are super fun too. Team up with your friends and mop the floor with your opponents in these exciting game modes!

Download Here – Android, iOS

PUBG New State

best free fire alternatives

PUBG New State is a very new addition to the realm of mobile battle royales and is already one of the most downloaded games in India. There’s a reason for that. What makes the game stand out in the crowd is its futuristic take on the genre. Although there is not many maps to choose from like BGMI, the Troi map has enough to keep you going for hours on end!

Not only is this map absolutely gorgeous in terms of graphics, there is a wide variety of vehicles and weapons that will simply blow your mind. Besides, the game is on a different league on its own when talking about visuals. All-in-all, definitely and easily one of the best Free Fire alternatives in India to recommend right now!

Download Here – Android, iOS

CoD Mobile

best free fire alternatives

Whether you are a Call of Duty fan or not, you will definitely be invested in CoD Mobile. From there always being a LOT to do like grinding for completionist camos to feeling the adrenaline in Multiplayer Ranked matches, there is just so much to do. Additionally, the Battle Royale mode is just cherry on top and easily makes CoD Mobile one of the best Free Fire alternatives to recommend.

This is unlike any Battle Royale you have played. There are multiple classes to choose from, which will give you edge in battle. These classes also allow you to make out-of-the-box strategies to beat your opponents. Not to mention that there are two maps to play BR in and both of them are stunning in their own way. It all comes down to personal preference.

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Whether you are a multiplayer or BR fan, this game ticks it all. You can easily look forward to spending hours on end in this game without even realising it. So, what are you waiting for? Try CoD Mobile today as it is indeed one of the best Free Fire alternatives to play in India.

Download Here – Android, iOS

Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite mobile is on one of the best free fire alternatives

Fortnite is one of the first ultra-popular battle royales that got people hooked to the genre. The best thing about it is that it can be played on your mobile device as well. Moreover, this Epic Games creation also allows cross-platform save. What this means is that for example, you were playing Fortnite on your PC or Console and wanted to continue on your phone. You can do that.

The only downside to Fortnite Mobile is that it is extremely graphic intensive and is almost 9-10GB in terms of file size. Now, if you do not have a device that has that much of capability to handle the game, it is going to be one hell of a choppy experience. However, if you do have a great device, Fortnite Mobile is your way to go! Sadly, because of the feud between Epic Games and Apple, the game is not playable on iOS devices anymore.

Download Here – Android

Silly Royale

Best free fire alternatives

Super Gaming is a superstar in the Indian mobile gaming sphere. Yes, a Made in India game has made it into our best Free Fire alternatives list so, it is actually pretty good! Super Gaming have been behind multiple great games and Silly Royale is a great example of it. Silly Royale was being talked about a LOT because of its Squid Game-inspired game modes not too long ago. Basically what this Made in India game did was that they took those games from the popular Netflix show called Squid Game and turned them into actual game modes.

This allowed players to actually enjoy the game modes, first hand in a way. Firstly, we got to see the popular Red Light, Green Light game from the show. Then, we got Tug-O-War and several other games modes. Gradually all the game modes were added and players went absolutely crazy on them. Additionally, the game makers also added exciting perks like an in-game voice chat and other features to make things interactive and way more fun.

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In addition to these Squid Game-inspired game modes, Silly Royale has several other modes to play. Download the game today and play all these game modes with your friends. If you are someone who wants to try something quirky, new and upbeat, Silly Royale is hands down one of the best Free Fire alternatives out there! Most importantly, it is a 100% Made in India game.

Download Here – Android, iOS


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Highlights of the Story

  • Garena Free Fire is amongst the 54 apps that the Government of India recently banned.
  • The game was the most downloaded app in the country last year but don’t worry as there are multiple alternatives.
  • From CoD Mobile to BGMI, PUBG New State and others, we discuss about the best Free Fire alternatives in India.

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