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How To Make A Team In Dream 11?


In the world, the number of fantasy platforms or games grows rapidly day by day. And if you talk about Dream 11 in the current time, it is learned as the most famous fantasy sports game in India. Everybody comes with a plan inside Dream 11. That is how can they become a moneyed person. Your winning in Dream 11 depends on 99 per cent of your skill and 1 per cent of your luck. As Dream 11 says that it is a game of brains and not luck.

- Updated: 25th Apr 2024, 15:32 IST
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    Strategies For Team Building!
    • Selection Process 
    • Choosing Players for Dream 11
    • Strategy for Dream 11 Captains
  • 2
    Additional Tips And Tricks To Make Dream 11 Team
    • Pick your matches
    • Research before picking a team.
    • Do not put all your money into a single game. 
    • Select captain & vice-captain properly
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    In The End
  • 4
    • How do I create a Dream11 group?
    • Can I make 40 teams in Dream11?
    • How to win Dream11 1st rank?
    • What is the trick for Dream11?

The thrill of cricket explodes tenfold when you have a stake in the game. Dream11, the fantasy cricket platform, lets you do just that. Build your own team, pit it against others, and claim victory based on real-life player performances. But how do you craft a team that dominates the leaderboards? Read on for your ultimate guide to building a winning squad on Dream11:

Before we begin, here’s something important to understand. Your abilities and luck are crucial, and the app allows you to have complete control over the game.

You can test your skills and intuition to guide the game in the right direction. Dream 11 fantasy platform offers numerous tournaments and contests to choose from. With the right skills, you can win cash prizes.

dream 11

Considering diverse aspects, you have the freedom to build your team. You can do it in the way you want to and onboard players that you think will make the difference. The most critical thing in this platform is your decision-making skill, as it will enormously influence the game you decide that your preferred players play.

How To Create A Dream 11 Team For Cricket?

  1. Pick 11 players within 100 credits.
  2. Select at least 1 player from each category: Batter, Bowler, All-rounder, and Wicket Keeper.
  3. Choose a maximum of 10 players from one team.

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Strategies For Team Building!

In Dream 11, you need to select a mixed team comprising 11 players from both teams. Then, you’ll need to make two crucial decisions regarding your team’s captain and vice-captain. The better a player performs, the more points you earn. Here are some suggestions that you can follow for building a strong team in Dream 11:

Selection Process 

  • Check Player Availability: Ensure that the players you select for your Dream 11 team are confirmed to be playing on the match day. This information is typically available from various sources hours before the match begins.
  • Assess Fitness and Form: Players included in the starting XI of your Dream 11 team should be fully fit and in good form. While out-of-form players may still participate, their chances of performing well are lower.

Choosing Players for Dream 11

  • Opt for Established Players: Consider selecting well-established, renowned players with a track record of scoring big in recent matches, such as Virat Kohli or Chris Gayle. These players are usually reliable picks in Dream 11.
  • Spot Domestic Talent: Keep an eye out for young Indian players who may not have international exposure but have a strong record in domestic cricket. They can offer valuable contributions to your team.

Strategy for Dream 11 Captains

  • Bowlers as Captains: If you choose a bowler as your captain in Dream 11, they will need to take multiple wickets with an excellent economy rate. Bowlers’ performances can be challenging to predict, so consider this option carefully.
  • All-Rounders’ Impact: All-rounders like R Ashwin, DJ Bravo, and Krunal Pandya are popular choices as they excel in both batting and bowling. They provide value equivalent to two players in a Dream 11 game.

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You can go with four different combinations to mitigate this risk of wrong captain and vice-captain.

In the worst case, two combinations will fetch your benefit, and the other two will get you loss. But if the benefit earns you a heavy amount, it will cover up your losses in Dream 11.

Additional Tips And Tricks To Make Dream 11 Team

Pick your matches

Selecting your matches is the most crucial thing in Dream 11. Our advice is not to play more games to earn more money as it can only hurt your interest and progress at the beginning. So, please do not play games when you don’t know about the game in the first place. 

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Research before picking a team.

dream 11 team

One needs to do comprehensive research about everything for Dream 11 team-making. Be it squads, venue, or the recent form of players, these factors could help you pick the right team. You should be aware of the statistics about players’ recent performances as it would help you learn how the game works. For instance, if it’s a dry pitch, it is a utopia for the spinners as it allows the ball to engage well on the surface.

Another important thing is how the players are performing at specific platforms or against a team, as some players have a history of performing well at particular venues or against specific teams. You would certainly feel much more content if you knew all such information before the kick-off. 

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Do not put all your money into a single game. 

The rookie mistake that most fantasy players make is investing all their money in one game itself. They do this repeatedly, especially after winning a game or two. However, you lose all your money if luck doesn’t wave at you. 

For example, if you have INR 1000, you should divide it into ten parts as this way, you invest a small amount in every game.

Select captain & vice-captain properly

dream 11 team captain and vice-captain

It would help if you were meticulous in picking the right captain and vice-captain because it plays a vital role in creating your Dream 11 team. 

One should emphasise the players’ skill sets and not always see how they recently performed.

Sometimes, you will come across a player who has scored the most runs and hardly scores any runs in another fixture.

Your team captain gives you double the points scored by them, while the vice-captain gives you 1.5 times the points scored. Excluding that, Dream 11 is invariably there to aid you by indicating which players are individuals’ top preferences for the role of captaincy and vice-captaincy.

In The End

Dream11 isn’t just cricket. It’s cricketing your way to rewards. Build your team, pick in-form players, strategize your captain, and enjoy the thrill of the game at a whole new level.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment and create multiple teams for different contests. The more you practice, the better you understand the nuances of team-building.

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How do I create a Dream11 group?

To create a Dream11 group, go to the ‘Chat’ tab, tap ‘Create Group,’ add a name, group photo, and description. Then, add friends to start chatting and participating in contests together.

Can I make 40 teams in Dream11?

No, you can only create a maximum of 20 teams for any contest on Dream11 to ensure fair play.

How to win Dream11 1st rank?

To win the first rank, select the best 11 players from the match’s total 22 and designate two as captain and vice-captain for maximum points.

What is the trick for Dream11?

The trick is to pick consistent players with a high scoring probability, stay updated on team news, pitch conditions, and player form for strategic decisions, maximizing your chances of success and earnings.

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