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IPL 2024 Schedule: How To Watch IPL Online For Free?


Indian Premier League is said to be the biggest cricket tournament on the planet at the domestic level. This time, witness the mega cricket event unfold in front of your very eyes for free!


- Updated: 2nd Jan 2024, 16:39 IST
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    IPL 2023 Schedule
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    How To Watch IPL 2023 For Free?
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    Best Websites To Follow Indian Premiere League Schedule and News
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    Devices which support IPL Live 2023

Soon, Jumping Zapak will be playing in full volume out of every single home! IPL 2023 is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. We are sure you are too, which has brought you here in the first place. Now, right off the bat, you should know that the BCCI (Board of Control For Cricket) has not announced anything officially.

However, don’t be disappointed yet! Thanks to a report from, we have tentative dates. We are going to take a look at it, for sure. But, we have something BIG for you as well! As per very recent developments, it has come to light that the upcoming IPL 2023 will be streamed for free. How? Read on to know everything about it.

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IPL 2023 Schedule

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced TATA Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 match schedule on March 5, 2022. It was held in Mumbai and Pune in four venues. This included the Wankhede Stadium, Brabourne Stadium, DY Patil Stadium and the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune.

A total number of 70 league matches and 4 Playoff games were played over a period of around 3 months. The IPL 2022 kicked off on March 26, 2022, with a blockbuster clash between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Wankhede stadium.

However, no particular official dates and venues for the IPL 2023 have been revealed as of now. So, understandably, we don’t have anything concrete at the moment. However, going by the tentative schedule of ICCCricketSchedule, we can get a clear idea about what to expect. From the looks of it, you can expect the Indian Premier League 2023 to kick off on March 25, 2023.

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Indian Premiere League 2023 Match Schedule:

Match NoTeamsDateTimeVenue
1Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight RidersMarch 25, 20227:30 PMUnknown
2Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai IndiansMarch 26, 20223:30 PMUnknown
3Punjab Kings vs Royal Challengers BangaloreMarch 26, 20227:30 PMUnknown
4Gujarat Titans vs Lucknow Super GiantsMarch 27, 20227:30 PMUnknown
5Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rajasthan RoyalsMarch 28, 20227:30 PMUnknown
6Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight RidersMarch 29, 20227:30 PMUnknown
7Lucknow Super Giants vs Chennai Super KingsMarch 30, 20227:30 PMUnknown
8Kolkata Knight Riders vs Punjab KingsMarch 31, 20227:30 PMUnknown
9Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan RoyalsApril 1, 20223:30 PMUnknown
10Gujarat Titans vs Delhi CapitalsApril 1, 20227:30 PMUnknown
11Chennai Super Kings vs Punjab KingsApril 2, 20227:30 PMUnknown
12Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Lucknow Super GiantsApril 3, 20227:30 PMUnknown
13Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers BangaloreApril 4, 20227:30 PMUnknown
14Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai IndiansApril 5, 20227:30 PMUnknown
15Lucknow Super Giants vs Delhi CapitalsApril 6, 20227:30 PMUnknown
16Punjab Kings vs Gujarat TitansApril 7, 20227:30 PMUnknown
17Chennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers HyderabadApril 8, 20223:30 PMUnknown
18Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai IndiansApril 8, 20227:30 PMUnknown
19Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi CapitalsApril 9, 20223:30 PMUnknown
20Rajasthan Royals vs Lucknow Super GiantsApril 9, 20227:30 PMUnknown
21Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Gujarat TitansApril 10, 20227:30 PMUnknown
22Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers BangaloreApril 11, 20227:30 PMUnknown
23Mumbai Indians vs Punjab KingsApril 12, 20227:30 PMUnknown
24Rajasthan Royals vs Gujarat TitansApril 13, 20227:30 PMUnknown
25Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight RidersApril 14, 20227:30 PMUnknown
26Mumbai Indians vs Lucknow Super GiantsApril 15, 20223:30 PMUnknown
27Delhi Capitals vs Royal Challengers BangaloreApril 15, 20227:30 PMUnknown
28Punjab Kings vs Sunrisers HyderabadApril 16, 20223:30 PMUnknown
29Gujarat Titans vs Chennai Super KingsApril 16, 20227:30 PMUnknown
30Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight RidersApril 17, 20227:30 PMUnknown
31Lucknow Super Giants vs Royal Challengers BangaloreApril 18, 20227:30 PMUnknown
32Delhi Capitals vs Punjab KingsApril 19, 20227:30 PMUnknown
33Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super KingsApril 20, 20227:30 PMUnknown
34Delhi Capitals vs Rajasthan RoyalsApril 21, 20227:30 PMUnknown
35Kolkata Knight Riders vs Gujarat TitansApril 22, 20223:30 PMUnknown
36Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers HyderabadApril 22, 20227:30 PMUnknown
37Lucknow Super Giants vs Mumbai IndiansApril 23, 20227:30 PMUnknown
38Punjab Kings vs Chennai Super KingsApril 24, 20227:30 PMUnknown
39Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan RoyalsApril 25, 20227:30 PMUnknown
40Gujarat Titans vs Sunrisers HyderabadApril 26, 20227:30 PMUnknown
41Delhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight RidersApril 27, 20227:30 PMUnknown
42Punjab Kings vs Lucknow Super GiantsApril 28, 20227:30 PMUnknown
43Gujarat Titans vs Royal Challengers BangaloreApril 29, 20223:30 PMUnknown
44Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai IndiansApril 29, 20227:30 PMUnknown
45Delhi Capitals vs Lucknow Super GiantsApril 30, 20223:30 PMUnknown
46Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Chennai Super KingsApril 30, 20227:30 PMUnknown
47Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan RoyalsMay 1, 20227:30 PMUnknown
48Gujarat Titans vs Punjab KingsMay 2, 20227:30 PMUnknown
49Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super KingsMay 3, 20227:30 PMUnknown
50Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers HyderabadMay 4, 20227:30 PMUnknown
51Gujarat Titans vs Mumbai IndiansMay 5, 20227:30 PMUnknown
52Punjab Kings vs Rajasthan RoyalsMay 6, 20223:30 PMUnknown
53Lucknow Super Giants vs Kolkata Knight RidersMay 6, 20227:30 PMUnknown
54Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers BangaloreMay 7, 20223:30 PMUnknown
55Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi CapitalsMay 7, 20227:30 PMUnknown
56Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight RidersMay 8, 20227:30 PMUnknown
57Lucknow Super Giants vs Gujarat TitansMay 9, 20227:30 PMUnknown
58Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi CapitalsMay 10, 20227:30 PMUnknown
59Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai IndiansMay 11, 20227:30 PMUnknown
60Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Punjab KingsMay 12, 20227:30 PMUnknown
61Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers HyderabadMay 13, 20227:30 PMUnknown
62Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat TitansMay 14, 20223:30 PMUnknown
63Lucknow Super Giants vs Rajasthan RoyalsMay 14, 20227:30 PMUnknown
64Punjab Kings vs Delhi CapitalsMay 15, 20227:30 PMUnknown
65Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers HyderabadMay 16, 20227:30 PMUnknown
66Kolkata Knight Riders vs Lucknow Super GiantsMay 17, 20227:30 PMUnknown
67Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Gujarat TitansMay 18, 20227:30 PMUnknown
68Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super KingsMay 19, 20227:30 PMUnknown
69Mumbai Indians vs Delhi CapitalsMay 20, 20227:30 PMUnknown
70Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Punjab KingsMay 21, 20227:30 PMUnknown
71QUALIFIER 1TBD7:30 PMUnknown
73QUALIFIER 2TBD7:30 PMUnknown
74FINALMay 28, 20227:30 PMUnknown

For now, this is all that is known about the Indian Premier League 2023. However, we will get to know each and every detail upon the official IPL Schedule 2023 announcement. We shall update it here as soon as it’s out. So, stay tuned!

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How To Watch IPL 2023 For Free?

This year, JioCinema will be streaming the upcoming IPL 2023 mega sports event. And, guess what? You will be able to stream IPL 2023 for free! There will be no extra charges, like there used to be with Disney+ Hotstar.

Much like the FIFA 2022 streaming, you will be able to watch your favourite IPL matches by just visiting the official JioCinema site. If you are on your mobile phone, just download the JioCinema App for your device. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Now, this exciting development comes from a report by exchange4media. They have also added that the sports event will be broadcasted in 11 regional Indian languages. These languages will include Bengali, Bhojpuri and Tamil as well.

What’s more interesting is that this is the first time that the IPL will have two different Media Rights organisations. Star Sports Network will be the live broadcaster of the Indian Premier League. Meanwhile, Viacom 18 will be the live-streaming partner via JioCinema.

Best Websites To Follow Indian Premiere League Schedule and News

You can find many websites that provide updates and news about the IPL schedule. But we believe that our due diligence has led us to shortlist the top five websites you can follow to keep yourself up to date with IPL. 

1) is the official IPL site, so you know you get everything directly from the source. The official site provides video highlights and important moments of the match to relive your favourite parts of the game. The site also contains in-depth info about the competitions and stunning pictures of the live-action. Their website also provides you with the option of a live stream.

2) Sportskeeda – Sportskeeda is a sports website that covers IPL schedules and provides live scores of ongoing matches. They also have a commentary system, which is ball to ball, making it fast and reliable. If you want to get the IPL schedule, news or any updates, this is the website you need to go to.

3)ESPNCricInfo –  You will find everything available on this site with live coverage news of match to preview and whatnot. They provide you with the most detailed information about the game. Their desktop scorecard link under the live score dropdown tab opens a separate tab showing running text commentary and ball-to-ball info.

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4) Cricbuzz – This site is the epitome of anything related to the IPL schedule. It is swift in updating ball-to-ball scores of most cricket matches, including the IPL. You can also quickly get the IPL scorecard at the end of the game, summarizing the game for you.

Devices which support IPL Live 2023

This is the following list of supported devices that you can watch IPL 2022 on :

  • Android Smart Phones
  • Apple Devices
  • One can download the suitable app on Amazon Fire Stick
  • Installing the app on your Smart TVs based on the Android platform
  • You can stream on your tablets, PC and Laptops directly

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