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Best Free Android Cricket Games


Cricket is the most popular sport in India and this automatically makes games related to the sport big hits in the country. So, this is our list of the top 5 cricket games that you can download and play on Android today!

- Updated: 7th Apr 2022, 12:07 IST
  • 1
    1. World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2
  • 2
    2. Real Cricket 20
  • 3
    3. Big Bash Cricket
  • 4
    4. World of Cricket: World Cup 2019
  • 5
    5. Stick Cricket Premier League

Android games play a great role in entertainment, and a fusion of video games and sports is in great demand. In a country where cricket is considered a religion, there is always a need for realistic, immersive, and entertaining games. Cricket games constitute a major part of the sports games category. Whether you want a realistic experience or something casual to pass the time, this list has it all. From games that provide you with the best graphics to those that focus on gameplay, we present to you the top 5 cricket games for Android.

1. World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

World Cricket Championship 2- WCC2

The World Cricket Championship 2 is quite literally the best cricket game out there. It is an incredible mobile game. The amazing graphics are coupled with fluid gameplay mechanics. Players can play cricket in 11 tournaments between 18 different international teams and 10 domestic teams across 42 world-class stadiums, and with their favourite national team.

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Additionally, the Android cricket game also offers a tonne of customization alongside multiple modes to enjoy. Moreover, you can use famous cricket shots like the Dil-scoop, paddle sweep, helicopter shot, and upper-cut. However, there are 14 different bowling patterns, which makes the batting quite a challenge.

2. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is a wonderful upgrade from last year’s Real Cricket 19. The 2020 version retains all the features of the 2019 version. This includes the ability to customize your teams and choose where you want to bowl. Additionally, the latest version includes a tonne of features like Test Cricket, Stadiums with time progression, and many more. This game also offers a multiplayer mode with elevates the gaming experience even more enabling players to compete with other players worldwide.

Besides, players can now play the same shots differently. This makes the experience more realistic. All-in-all, the game provides you with the best comprehensive gaming experience that there is possibly is.

3. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket

The Big Bash Cricket mobile game is inspired by the KFC Big Bash League. This is a domestic T-20 tournament played in Australia during the summer. The game is a very close copy of the real game itself, which makes it even more fun. The graphics are absolutely spot on. The game offers eight teams for its players to choose from and provides a 360-degree ground experience as well.

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What sets the game apart is the fact that you can literally play any shot that is possible in the sport. Furthermore, it offers three modes, namely: Quick Match, Tournament, and Challenge.

4. World of Cricket: World Cup 2019

World of cricket : World Cup 2019

The World of Cricket is known for the realistic experience that it offers. Moreover, it has upbeat comical graphics, which makes it all the more fun. The game offers you the ability to play a wide variety of roughly 25 shots. Moreover, there are several bowling actions as well for bowling lovers.

However, if you are into details, this might not be the game for you. Because of licence issues, the player names are different too. But, if you keep all that aside and just want to have loads of fun, this is the game for you.

5. Stick Cricket Premier League

Stick Cricket Premier League

If you want a simple game with no complications, Stick Cricket is just for you. You just have to stand in one place and hit the shots. There are just two optical buttons that you need to tap for shot selection. Simple and amazing, isn’t it? This is a fun game with no extra complications other than choosing the right direction to slog the ball with timing.

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The game primarily focuses on timing, and it is quite a challenge. I kid you not. The game provides you with certain limited-overs targets which you need to achieve. This game can be played offline.

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All of these games are amazing and unique in their own way. If you are a cricket fanatic, either of these games will ensure an amazing cricket gaming experience right on your smartphone.


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