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9 Things To Do With Your New Android Phone


Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two most used OS around the world. If we compare the two, then Android will come out as a clear-cut winner in terms of market share. Android gives the feature to personalize the device, so if you are planning to buy a new Android phone, there are some things that you should familiar with to ensure you are not missing anything. For instance, you should go through all the in-box items before setting up your device, and logging in to your Google account is of utmost importance for Android devices.

- Updated: 1st Nov 2022, 14:48 IST
  • 1
    First things to do with your new Android smartphone
    • 1.  Go through the in-box items
    • 2. Set up your phone
    • 3. Data Migration
    • 4. Personalize your phone with some new apps
    • 5. Secure your device
    • 6. Check if you have the latest version of OS
    • 7. Set up navigation and gestures
    • 8. Customize ringtones as well as notification tones
    • 9. Set up cloud storage
    • Conclusion

The introduction of the Android operating system completely changed the world of mobile phones. As a matter of fact, it has served as a boon for the smartphone industry. Hence, it no surprise that the Android operating system currently owns an 85 percent market share. And with each passing day, Google is bringing more and more features to it. In other words, Android phone users already have so many options, and they are going to get many more in the coming future.

In fact, the majority of Android users are not familiar with the capabilities of their phones. So, if you are planning to buy a new Android device, make sure you know everything about your device. To help you with that, we have brought you a list of nine things that you should definitely do with your new android phone.

Dive in to learn some useful things to ensure you know much about your smartphone from the beginning.

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First things to do with your new Android smartphone

1.  Go through the in-box items

oneplus 8t box contents

Once you get your device in hand, you should always go through packaging and all other items inside the box, particularly make sure you review the warranty card. Besides the warranty card, you will find other things including the SIM tool. If you are lucky, you find earbuds and charger in-box.

Also check the charger power rating that comes with the box, in case the output power is 10W. In this case, check if your smartphone supports fast charging of 18W or maybe higher. In case your smartphone does support fast charging then you can buy a compatible fast charger to charge your device at a faster speed.

Now, it is time for you to actually check out your device.

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2. Set up your phone

set up Android device

When you turn on your device for the first time, you will come across a guide that will help you set up your new Android phone. It is almost similar in all devices with some tweaks here and there.

The first thing that you will be required to do is log in to your Google Account. You might feel like skipping this part, but we strongly recommend no to do that. Logging into your Gmail account will not only help you personalize your device but also enable a lot of features.

For instance, it will automatically setup up your calendar as well as your contact list. Moreover, logging into your Gmail is the only way you can access the Play Store. Once you setup your Google account, your phone will try to download all the apps that you had on your old phone.

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3. Data Migration

data transfer

Prior to getting started with setting up your phone, make sure it has enough charging. While most phones come partially charged, it always better to plug the phone in to get the battery charged. Since you don’t want the battery to die in-between doing something this important.

Once you setup your device and log in to your Google account, it is time for you to get the data from your previous phone or download it from the cloud or Google drive. Before starting the downloading process, you will probably want to connect to Wi-Fi as on the first day you are definitely going to download a lot of stuff, including backups and it might be the case that you don’t have unlimited mobile data. You don’t want your phone to be out of data before everything is downloaded.

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4. Personalize your phone with some new apps


It is likely that your phone will automatically attempt your old applications. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot install new ones. On the contrary, a brand new phone is a gateway to do something new, at least some new apps.

You can try various launchers, new games, better music apps, newly-styled keyboards, and more. Besides, you can set new wallpapers, ringtones, customize your home screen with widgets.  

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5. Secure your device

device security

Your phone in the current world is a database with all your private and sensitive information. It has an app for everything from your bank account to your social media. Hence, it critical to set up sometop notch security measures for your own good.

Earlier, smartphones just used to feature two security options- the pattern and PIN lock. However, the modern smartphone comes with a wide variety of security measures like the fingerprint scanner and even facial recognition on top of traditional security measures.

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6. Check if you have the latest version of OS

phone update

It is highly likely that there might be a few updates already available for download on your new Android phone. At times, these might be small fixes or enhancements. However, at times even a new version of Android might be waiting for you.

In normal cases, the update will be displayed in the notification tray asking you to install it. If that is not the case, you can always check for the update by sticking to the following steps:

Settings> About Phone> System Updates

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7. Set up navigation and gestures

navigation and gestures

This might be the biggest change in smartphones from earlier times. The whole gesture shortcuts, gesture navigation, and navigation bar appearance has gone under a total overhaul. And this is sometimes you should definitely try after setting up your phone. You will get multiple gesture navigation styles, and it is pretty straightforward to test each one of them.

You will find the gestures menu in the Settings on your phone. Go through all the feature gestures, and you can enable or disable all of them if you want. But it is good if you get familiar with their functionality, first.

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8. Customize ringtones as well as notification tones

customized ringtones

Ringtones are an essential aspect of your Android smartphone, without them, it won’t be possible to keep track of whether someone is calling you or sending you messages. Your phone will come with a default notification tone as well as a default ringing tone. On top of that, you will also get an option to use personalized tones, and there are multiple ways to do this.

Plus, you can set different ringtones for different contact. By doing that, you can easily tell who is calling without even picking your phone. The contact specific tone becomes even more essential during office hours where missing calls from clients can become an issue while attending personal calls can get you some scolding.

9. Set up cloud storage

Cloud storage

It is important to set up your cloud storage to back up every document, WhatsApp chats, and photos on your phone. Not only it ensures that you have enough memory on your device, but it also makes sure that all your data is never lost even when you lose the phone. What’s more, Google offers you 15GB of free storage in form of Google Drive.  

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Setting up Google drive is pretty straightforward and this storage extends to Google photos as well. On top of that, storing photos on Google Photos has various advantages; the most interesting one is it lets you search for photos based on faces. Furthermore, many OEMs such as Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, etc. have started providing their own cloud services.

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Two out of every three people own an Android device, it is evident to understand how well Android phones have captured the smartphone market. Moreover, the Android operating system makes sure that the users don’t face difficulty with anything, they have everything at their fingertips from their bank accounts to their social media accounts. However, you should have the knowledge of key features, including setting up cloud storage, personalizing your phone, updating your apps, and more to make full use of your phone.

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  • Android is one of the most popular operating systems across the globe, with over 85 percent market share.
  • It offers a variety of features available for users at the fingertips, including free cloud storage, multiple security options, and more.
  • The Android phone also gives an option to the users to personalize the device as per their choice.
  • Here are a few things that you should do first on your new smartphone as soon as you get it

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