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How to Make Your Android Look Like an iPhone


Are you an Android user with iPhone or iPad envy? Check out these apps to make your Android phone look like an iPhone.

- Updated: 1st Nov 2022, 22:12 IST

Are you an Android user who wants the feel of an iPhone in your device without buying it? Moreover, you can do so by using a combination of apps, launchers, and other tips and tricks.

However, if you want the features of the Android operating system combined with the look and feel of an iPhone. There are plenty of apps that you can install to make your phone look like an iPhone. However, the downside to do so is that you need to use more than two-three apps.

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Follow this article to find out how to make an Android look like an iPhone.

Change Your Launcher

We know how a launcher is what handles how your device’s home screen looks, how apps start, how you make phone calls, and the way you interact with the underlying Android operating system.

First, you need to install a third-party launcher to transform the way you phone looks. You can install Phone X Launcher and immediately feel like you are using an iPhone. The Android app icons will change to the ones you would see on an iPhone.

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Android Look Like an iPhone
iPhone X Launcher

Moreover, if you are using Chrome as default browser, it will be replaced with the Safari app icon. However, remember that it will still be Android’s Chrome in essence not Safari.

Swipe down from anywhere on your home screen and quickly search for an app or find apps that were recently used. Swipe down from the very top of your display to access the control center. Go into the launcher’s settings, and you can also modify things such as wallpaper, swipe action, lock screen, app lock, scroll effect, dock, iPhone X notch, and more.

iOS Lock Screen

This is another step to make your Android look like an iPhone. Because the first thing you see is your lock screen. For that, you need to get an app to customize your lock screen. By adding the iOS12 Lock Screen, your lock screen will leave the old days behind.

iOS Lock Screen
Lock Screen

Moreover, this app will put all your notifications on your lock screen with an iOS feel. It will also get your text messages and missed calls to have an iOS look as well.

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You can modify the settings that have to do with enabling the fingerprint option, change pass, date format, wallpapers, lock sound, text size, and more.

iOS Icon Packs For Android

This is another way to give your Android phone an iPhone look with just this icon pack app. You can use iOS 11—Icon Pack as it is the best in the market.

This icon pack offers the largest number of iOS icons for Android. That includes Gallery, Settings, Weather, Calendar, Calculator, Camera, Google Pay, and a whole lot more.

iCalendar iOS 13

iCalendar iOS 13
iCalendar iOS13

This will give you that iOS calendar that you always wanted in your Android. It is compatible with Google Calendar and has a very simple design.

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Android to iOS

Another way to make it more iOS-customized is the Music Player. iMusic will give your Android music player an iOS look. With this music player, you can listen to audio files with different formats such as WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, and MIDI.


This will bring the iOS calculator to Android, including the rounded number buttons and color scheme. In addition to the basics, the iCalculator can log your equation history, provide graphing features, perform conversions, and has memory functions like M+, M, MR, and MC.

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