Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps For Android And iOS!


It is often frustrating when you are unable to find your measuring tapes or rulers when you need it the most. We do not need these instruments daily in our lives, so we tend to be careless about keeping and forgetting them when it comes to measuring instruments. If you find yourself in this kind of circumstance, the AR measuring apps on your smartphones can come very handy. These useful AR apps help you to experience the virtual world right on your screen and can help you with getting things done.

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Updated: 4th Nov 2022 16:22 IST
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    Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps
    • 1. AirMeasure – AR Measure & Ruler
    • 2. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera to Plan
    • 3. My Measures
    • 4. Measure by Lowe’s
    • 5. CamToPlan

AR is making progress at the forefront of the world of technology. It has opened a wide cluster of opportunities for businesses and administrations. AR is combining the digital components with the physical world environment right on your screen without any fancy headsets or computing devices.

One of the practical use of Augmented Reality (AR) is the AR Measuring application, which helps to measure the distance or length between any two points. One thing to be noted here is that AR measuring gives a decent estimate measurement, and it should not be used for professional purposes but still it is fun to use.

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There are many AR apps that claim to be credible and dependable for the measurement of physical things, but they are not as efficient as they claim to be. Many apps are full of unwanted ads that pop up when you open the app and are not user friendly. It should be noted that these apps should only be used for a vague idea about measurements and not for professional purposes.

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For measuring any object, you just have to aim the camera toward it and move from one point to another. Here are the Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps For Android And iOS:

Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps

1. AirMeasure – AR Measure & Ruler

Augmented Reality Apps: AirMeasure

You can measure anything around you, be it the table, couch, bed, doors, walls, instantly using AirMeasure App. It’s almost like a virtual tape in your pocket, which can be used to measure at any time. It has 18 measuring tools to choose from, and you can use any one of them at your convenience.

You can measure the street that you always walk on, your height, the height of the house, the length, width, and height of the box, and many more. Flooring plans and designing of the walls can also be done with just a click from the camera.

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  • This app is free to use
  • It can measure anything
  • No ads
  • Easy and flexible to use


  • Lacks accuracy
  • Does not have any option to save measurements

Download Link: Android | iOS

2. AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera to Plan

Augmented Reality Apps: AR Ruler App

AR Ruler App is an extraordinary app for measuring physical things. It can quantify linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet, yard. It can likewise measure corners and dimensions in 3D planes. Also, objects, surface area, and perimeter of the room, the height of both small and big objects can be measured directly on the phone’s screen as well. Moreover, in this app, you can generate a plan projection that can be exported into a PDF format. It has all the specifications that the typical measuring tape needs to have or even more.

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  • It has an option to save measurements
  • The measurements are pretty accurate
  • Easy to use
  • This app has an autofocus system for accurate results


  • Needs a premium subscription to access most of the options

Download Link: Android

3. My Measures

My Measures

My Measures is an app with easy to use features, such as annotate anything with arrows, text comments, and many other such options. The camera in My Measures also uses an Augmented Reality technology to very easily measure anything virtually with the camera of your smartphone. The app is exceptionally well designed as well, with folder arranging and fast search options.

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Different measuring units are featured as well, such as Imperial, Metric, and Japanese units. Thus, there is nothing to worry about sharing as the app has file-sharing options for different file formats such as pdf, jpg. You also have an option to export files directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Top App Cloud. The app also allows you to Sync with Leica Disto Laser meter support for quick and accurate input measurements of your projects.

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  • Easily accessible
  • Gives pretty correct measurements
  • Helpful to annotate the picture with dimensions
  • Have a quick reaction time while measuring and saving it
  • Can save photos with measurements
  • Can measure in Metric, Japanese, Chinese, and Imperial System


  • Requires a monthly subscription for unlimited files and exporting projects.

Download Link: Android

4. Measure by Lowe’s

Measure by Lowe's

Measure by Lowe’s is a simple and fun app to use. You can measure anything with the help of the technology of the Augmented Reality feature that it provides. Measuring stuff through the use of your own iPhone camera has never been so easy and fun. Just open the app, place your camera on the object you wish to be measured, and then watch the magic happen. 

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Get answers to your daily questions such as “will that door fit my ceiling?” or “will that bookshelf be able to make room space ?” You can even use the Measure app to measure humans. Find out your height and your friend’s height as well. Thus, you will have so much fun with so many objects out as there’s so much stuff to be measured in this world.


  • Gives approximately accurate measurements
  • Comes with a handy manual
  • Able to save or delete an image
  • Simple to use


  • The app crashes too often.

Download Link: iOS

5. CamToPlan


CamToPlan is very distinguishable from other measuring apps for the reason that it’s very simplified and also allows you to measure distance and surfaces. This CamToPlan app also allows you to draw your own plans, both horizontally and vertically. It also has Augmented reality, that can quickly measure anything virtually with the help of your smartphone camera. This app can also measure objects such as bookshelves, walls, ceilings, floors, tables. 

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Moreover, it has two options to measure with Metric and imperial units as well. Along with that, it also has a sharing feature with emails, messages, or social media. You just need one snap from your own smartphone camera to instantly measure anything.

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The app is even simpler than a Scale or a Ruler. You can easily download and find out this innovative app which is extremely useful for professional decorators and house planners and even architects. The best part you can easily export your data in both PNG and DXF formats.


  • It is user-friendly
  • Can measure both horizontally and vertically
  • The readings are practically correct
  • Can measure the Metric or Imperial System


  • Requires annual or monthly subscription to use upgraded features
  • The app has bugs and glitches

Download Link: Android | iOS


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Highlights of the Story

• These 5 AR measuring apps are beneficial for measuring distance or length, and the performance is commendable.
• These apps use the phone’s camera to instantly present you with accurate measurements in no time.
• AirMeasure is the most popular among both Android and iOS users.

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