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How To Sell OPPO A15s And Get The Maximum Buyback?


Did you know that you can save money on your future smartphone by selling your old one on Cashify and receiving instant cash? We’ve outlined the simplest approach for selling an old phone online.

- Updated: 17th May 2022, 10:28 IST
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    OPPO A15s specification
  • 2
    Why are the OPPO A15s considered outdated in 2022?
    • Outdated processor
    • Poor Camera quality
    • Average display quality
    • Why are you using Cashify to sell your OPPO A15s?
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    How can you use Cashify to sell OPPO A15s?
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    Best upgrade options
    • 1. Xiaomi Redmi 9 Activ
    • 2. Xiaomi Redmi 10
    • 3. Samsung Galaxy F12

The OPPO A15s was released two years back with amazing features that let users enjoy the lag-free gaming experience. However, it shows performance issues while playing heavy load games and slow battery charging issues with time.

After using our current phone for a while, we all wish to upgrade, which leads to a new category of phones known as secondhand phones. There is now a separate market for used phones. As a new source of income, people purchase and sell secondhand smartphones. We’ve got your back in this article if you want to sell OPPO A15s and get the most money back.

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OPPO A15s specification

You’ll have a 6.52-inch touchscreen display in this smartphone. Also, a MediaTek Helio P35 (MT6765) chipset powers the OPPO A15s. In addition to that, it has 4GB of RAM. Furthermore, OPPO A15s is an Android phone with a 4,230mAh battery.

There are three cameras on the rear of the OPPO A15s: a 13-megapixel primary camera, a 2-megapixel camera, and another 2-megapixel camera. On the back camera, autofocus is possible. For selfies, it comes with an 8-megapixel front camera.

The OPPO A15s comes with 64GB of internal storage and runs ColorOS 7.2. dynamic black, fancy white, and rainbow silver were among the three colours available.

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Why are the OPPO A15s considered outdated in 2022?

The OPPO A15s was well worth the money when it was released in 2020 because of its impressive performance. However, in 2022, this phone became outdated owing to various factors.

Outdated processor

While bringing high-level interface settings to the OPPO A15s may be difficult, the ColorOS 7.2 UI skin provides attractive experience-based Android 10 capabilities. The custom layer options are an excellent addition to your phone. However, there is no indication that an update to Android 11 will be available very soon.

Poor Camera quality

The phone was unable to compensate for the lack of light. On the plus side, the main camera arrangement allows you to record videos up to 1080p. But the front camera would not have the same quality.

Average display quality

With this phone, you can only watch 720p HD material. It is, however, not too awful and is pretty common.

Why are you using Cashify to sell your OPPO A15s?

One of the best places to sell and buy secondhand phones is Cashify. Customers may expect their service to be handled quickly and conveniently in the comfort of their own homes. You have the option of using another platform. However, Cashify stands out in terms of pricing and features. Once you receive the item, your money will be credited to your account hassle-free and timely.

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How can you use Cashify to sell OPPO A15s?

To calculate the maximum resale value for your old smartphone, follow the steps below.

  1. Simply download the Cashify app from the Google Play Store and select OPPO as a brand in the Sell old phone section.
  2. Select the device’s model next. Choose Sell OPPO A15s from the next screen that appears. Select the storage option to compute the buyback amount.
  3. Now, enter the details of your smartphone and its current condition to get an exact resale value.
  4. Next, as described above, complete the steps to acquire an accurate buyback value for your OPPO A15s.
  5. After that, you may select a payment option and a convenient delivery date for the item in your area.

Best upgrade options

1. Xiaomi Redmi 9 Activ

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Activ

Redmi 9 Activ has a battery that provides excellent power backup while causing minimal disruption to our workloads. The Xiaomi Redmi 9 Activ utilizes MIUI 12, which is an Android-based interface. The smartphone’s base 4GB + 64GB storage model is priced at ₹9,499 in India, which we believe is reasonable.

2. Xiaomi Redmi 10

Xiaomi Redmi 10

The Xiaomi Redmi 10 is a trustworthy smartphone that will surely amaze you, but it also won’t be expensive. Redmi 10’s camera and display technology are basic, whereas it has a large screen and an adjustable refresh rate of up to 90Hz. Also, you’ll have good battery life and a stunning design.

3. Samsung Galaxy F12

Samsung Galaxy F12

Samsung’s Exynos 850 chipset is combined with a Mali-G52 GPU and 4GB of super-fast LPDDR4x RAM. During normal tasks on the Samsung Galaxy F12, there will be no lag. You’ll experience a smooth performance with this phone. Also, it is quick to launch and switch between apps. Furthermore, you’ll be able to play games smoothly on this device.

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Follow the link to Sell phone online or Recycle old phone. Cashify is the most trusted option for you.


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