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iPhone 13 Vs Samsung Galaxy S22- Phone With Best Buyback Value


Are you curious to know which holds a higher resale value between iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22. The Samsung Galaxy S22 loses its value much faster than the iPhone 13. Know by how much in the article below and where to sell both these phones to get the maximum resale value.

- Updated: 30th May 2024, 11:57 IST
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    Top Choice to Get Best Resale Value of iPhone 13 vs Samsung Galaxy S22
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    Resale value of iPhone 13 vs Samsung Galaxy S22? 
    • Resale Price Reduction:
    • Faster Loss in Value for Samsung:
    • Demand in the Market:
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    How much faster has Samsung Galaxy S22 depreciated as compared to iPhone 13?
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    Resale Value of iPhone 13 with Cashify 
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    Resale Value of Samsung S22 with Cashify 
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If you’re thinking about how much money you can get back when you sell your smartphone, here’s some useful information from Cashify. The Samsung Galaxy S22, which was released in February, 2022 has already lost about 64.38 per cent of its original price. Since iPhone 13’s release in September 2021( about six earlier than it), has only dropped by about 49.96 per cent. Thus, if you are here to know about the resale value of iPhone 13 vs Samsung galaxy s22, the answer is spelled out in FACTS, in front of you.

Let’s talk about why these differences in resale values matter and how they can affect your choice when buying a new phone.

Top Choice to Get Best Resale Value of iPhone 13 vs Samsung Galaxy S22

If you are looking to sell Apple iPhone 13 or want to sell Samsung Galaxy S22 and get the most money possible, Cashify is a great option to consider. Let me explain in detail below why Cashify is beneficial for selling your phone:

Easy Process: Cashify simplifies the process of selling your old phone. Their online platform is user-friendly, meaning you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. You can easily list your phone for sale from the comfort of your home, following straightforward steps that guide you through the entire process.

Is it safe to sell phone on Cashify

Trusted Platform: Trust is crucial when selling valuable items like an iPhone 13 or Galaxy S22. Cashify has built a solid reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. Many people have used Cashify without issues, giving it credibility as a secure place to conduct your phone sale.

Quick Payments: One of the key advantages of using Cashify is how quickly you get paid after your phone is sold. They ensure that the payment process is fast, so you don’t have to wait long to receive your money. This is particularly appealing if you need cash soon.

Additional Incentives: Beyond just buying your phone, Cashify offers additional benefits that enhance the value of your transaction. They provide bonuses and vouchers if you choose to exchange your phone, which means you get more than just the sale price. These incentives make selling to Cashify potentially more lucrative compared to other platforms.

Doorstep Delivery: Cashify also eliminates the need for you to ship your phone. They offer a service where they pick up the phone right from your doorstep. This not only adds convenience but also ensures that the phone is handled safely and securely from the moment it leaves your hands until the sale is finalised.

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Resale value of iPhone 13 vs Samsung Galaxy S22? 

When looking at how much phone models like the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 13 have decreased in value by May 2024, we find some interesting patterns based on the study:

Resale Price Reduction:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has lost about 64.38 per cent of its original value. As new Samsung models are released, the older ones become less appealing to buyers. People usually prefer the latest technology, which makes older versions seem outdated.

best mobile phone deals on mobile phones on Amazon 2024

The Apple iPhone 13 has decreased in value by about 49.96 per cent. The Apple phones keeps its value better than the Samsung smartphones over time. This shows a common pattern where Apple devices tend to lose their value slower than Samsung counterparts when sold second-hand.

For people who might want to sell their phones later, this is an important point to think about. Choosing an iPhone could mean getting more money back when it’s time to sell, which is better for getting the most out of your initial purchase.

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Faster Loss in Value for Samsung:

best smartphone upgrades for Samsung Galaxy S22

The value of the Samsung phones drops much faster than the Apples ones. Specifically, the Galaxy S22’s value goes down about 28.86 per cent quicker than the iPhone 13 over the same time period.

Demand in the Market:

There is usually a higher demand for used iPhones like the iPhone 13 compared to used Samsung Galaxy phones. This strong demand helps iPhones keep their resale value higher for longer.

How much faster has Samsung Galaxy S22 depreciated as compared to iPhone 13?

Apple iPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy
  • Samsung Galaxy S22: Depreciated by about 64.38 per cent ( as of May 2024 )
  • Apple iPhone 13: Depreciated by about 49.96 per cent  ( as of May 2024 )

These figures we know through the Cashify report and now when we compare them with each other , we know :- 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has depreciated approximately 28.86 per cent faster than the Apple iPhone 13.

Cashify uses advanced AI technology to figure out their current market price. This process helps users find the best selling price for their devices, considering their current condition and the ongoing market prices.

By checking what a gadget is worth now and comparing it to its original price, Cashify works out how much the value has gone down. This approach makes sure that users get a fair and accurate price for their devices, helping them make better decisions when selling their gadgets.

Pl Note:  When we look at the resale values of these phones they both are in “good condition”. 

The iPhone continues to be the top choice for keeping its value. While phones like the Galaxy S22 have lost a lot of their value. The iPhone 13, on the other hand, consistently keeps its value well over time.

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Resale Value of iPhone 13 with Cashify 

If you decide to sell your iPhone 13 using Cashify, you could get a good resale value for your phone at the moment. The amount you get depends on several things, such as the model of its condition and a few other details they check. For example – 

If you have an iPhone 13 with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, you might be able to sell it for ₹39,980, which is one of the highest prices you’ll find in the market. 

 iPhone 13 resale value

Now, if you sell your iphone with 256 GB of storage, you can get ₹43,390 with which you can buy a refurbished latest iPhone. 

iPhone 13 with 256 GB resale value

If you sell your iPhone 13 that has 512 GB of storage, you could get ₹45,180. This amount is enough to purchase a refurbished version of any phone you wish to purchase now. 

resale value of  iPhone 13 512 GB

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Resale Value of Samsung S22 with Cashify 

Similarly, let us find out the resale value of iPhone 13 vs Samsung galaxy s22 on Cashify of their various models and make a comparison.

resale value of Samsung phones

If you have a Samsung S22 phone with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, you can sell it for ₹26,000, which is one of the best prices available. 

If your phone has 256GB of storage, you can sell it for ₹30,500. Since the value of your phone will decrease over time, it’s a good idea to sell it now on Cashify.

Samsung S22

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Now you know that iPhones usually have a better resale value than Samsung phones. This is because iPhones keep their value longer, more people want to buy them, and they don’t lose their worth as quickly as Samsung phones.

If you want to sell your iPhone 13 or Galaxy S22 safely and get the best price, Cashify is a good option. It’s a trusted place where you can sell your phone easily and get a fair deal.

If you’ve just bought a new phone and don’t know what to do with your old phone, then here’s your answer. Sell old mobile to Cashify and get the best price for it. If you are planning to buy a new phone, check out Cashify’s refurbished mobile phones. You can get your favourite phone at almost half price with six-month warranty, 15 days refund and free delivery.


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Highlights of the Story

  • In comparison with other smartphones on the market, iPhones have a much higher resale value.
  • The Galaxy S22 lost its value the fastest out of the Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13.
  • Among the reasons iPhones are worth more when sold are the fact that many people want to purchase them, and their value doesn’t decrease as rapidly as some other devices.

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