Microsoft Teams has declared that many third-party apps will be going to be made available on this official communication platform by third-party developers and independent software vendors. Seems like the platform will make its API open for use; the developer would be able to harness provided services to integrate with their plugins, giving the user a more interactive and collaborative way to hold meetings. 

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Microsoft Teams on the roll

The third-party apps are yet to be made available and it seems that the core development enthusiasts have begun with their version ready to be embedded into the application. Development vendors like Polly, Open Agora, Miro, and many others later by this year will be done with their plugins available to install into the Teams. 

Microsoft in a blog explained, “For example, a third-party Agenda app could add a tab with an agenda in the pre-meeting window, a button to open agenda items on the meeting control bar, or a summary file or other type of object in the post-meeting chat window.”

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Currently, the apps with their publication details and functionalities are still not revealed. Soon the list will be revealed by the company or leaked by tipsters. Although, more insights are expected to come from the company itself in the upcoming weeks. 

Microsoft has currently come up with some new updates which will add up in August. The company exclaimed that the development comes at the time when users are preferring to work from their places to curb the spread of coronavirus. The new features names ‘Web Client’ will help the professional track issues/bugs, assets, routines, contacts, inventory, and more.

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Web Client will let the user customize their views, rules, and edit comments to keep things and processes in order. Recently, Microsoft announces the “Together” mode to improvise the video calling experience. This feature’s objective is to reduce fatigue levels in participants during long video calls. 

Feature “Together” is based on Artificial Intelligence that would place the participant in the shared background, for example, maybe an auditorium. This will let the user focus on what others are saying and sharing, thus minimizing the background distraction. This feature is yet to be brought for mobile and tablet devices.

Microsoft teams have a user base of 75 million daily active users, adding 31million just over a month. New features that will get launched in the near future aim to easy out the day-to-day in-office operation as the work-life pattern has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More exciting updates are yet to come by the end of the year and the legacy is believed to be continued for long.

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