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15+ Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts To Help You Work Faster


Your keyboard can do more than you could understand. These mac keyboard shortcuts are a must for any user to navigate the computer even faster.

- Updated: 18th Apr 2022, 11:25 IST
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    What are MacBook keyboard shortcuts?
  • 2
    List of most important Mac Keyboard shortcuts
    • 1. Using Command Keys
    • 2. Using Function Keys
    • 3. Using Specific key combinations
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    Set Function keys on top of the Touch bar

Shortcuts don’t always work“- but that’s just for real life. While in computers, shortcuts are very much needed to increase efficiency and perform tasks faster. What’s more- If you own a Mac, here’s good news for you- there are a lot of mac keyboard shortcuts that can make your life easier. Whether you want to open, save or alter the documents or you are looking to make your browsing and typing speed efficient, everything is sorted with these shortcuts.

However, if you are new to mac, you might not be familiar with all the mac shortcuts and therefore to ease your load, we have curated a list of the most useful MacBook keyboard shortcuts.

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What are MacBook keyboard shortcuts?

MacBook keyboard shortcuts are the combination of specific keys on your keyboard that cuts the need to use the mouse or trackpad for performing certain tasks. For example, you can copy, paste or cut a set of text using the mac keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse to select the texts.

List of most important Mac Keyboard shortcuts

Here, have a look at the most used MacBook keyboard shortcuts using different key combinations:

1. Using Command Keys

CommandWhat it doesCommandWhat it does
Command+ CCopies selected text or itemsCommand+ ASelects all items
Command+ XCuts selected text or itemsCommand+ FFinds specific text or symbols
Command+ VPastes selected itemsCommand+ HHides the front window
Command+ ZUndo (Most recent action)Command+ MMinimizes the front window
Command+ OOpens selected items Command+ WCloses the active window
Command+ PPrints the documentCommand+ QQuits the active program
Command+ SSaves your workCommand+ TOpens a new tab

2. Using Function Keys

CommandWhat it doesCommandWhat it does
F1Lowers the brightnessF7Skip audio (back)
F2Increases the brightnessF8Pause/ Play
F3Opens mission controlF9Skip audio (forward)
F4Opens launchpadF10Mute
F5Lowers keyboard brightnessF11Increases volume
F6Increases keyboard brightnessF12Decreases volume

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3. Using Specific key combinations

CommandWhat it doesCommandWhat it does
Option + Command+ EscForces the open app to quitControl + Command + FSkip audio (back)
Spacebar/ Fn down arrowScrolls down the pageShift + Command + NPause/ Play
Command + Option + MMinimizes all windowsControl + Shift + Power buttonPuts the computer display to sleep
Command + SpacebarOpens the spotlight search bar to find items on your MacControl + Command + QLocks the screen
Fn-left + Right arrow keysBrings you to the beginning (left arrow) or end (right arrow) of a document or web pageCommand + Shift + 4Takes a screenshot
Command + Control + SpacebarOpens the character viewer, allowing you to choose emojis and other symbolsCommand + Shift + DeleteEmpties the trash

In the newer MacBook, you don’t get Function keys i.e., F1-F12. So, to use mac keyboard shortcuts for function keys, you need to hold down the Fn key, following which F1-F12 will appear on the touch bar at the top of your keyboard.

Set Function keys on top of the Touch bar

Furthermore, you can change the settings to make these keys appear on the top of the touch bar, every time when you open a specific app. Here’s how to do it:

  • Head to the Apple menu.
  • Now, open System preferences and then click Keyboard.
  • You will see Shortcuts at the top of the window. On the left, you will see the list of the Function keys.
  • Now, click the “+” icon and add the apps that you would like to show function keys upon opening.

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