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Another Google Pixel Flagship Device Tipped To Be In The Works

- Updated: 20th Aug 2022, 12:40 IST
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    A New Google Pixel Flagship Launch Soon
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    Tipped Specifications

The Google Pixel 7 line of smartphones, which comprises the standard Google Pixel 7 5G and the Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G. This series will be out in October of this year, according to Google. In reality, during Google I/O 2022, the company showed out the design of both devices in the Google Pixel 7 series. However, it appears that Google has more flagships in store for us. The company is believing to be work on Google Pixel flagship device

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A New Google Pixel Flagship Launch Soon

 Google Pixel flagship device

According to a claim from 9to5Google, Google is working on a new high-end Google Pixel handset with a flagship-grade display. The story, on the other hand, does not reveal the display’s specs (or any of the device’s remaining features), but it does reveal the device’s codenames.

The codenames for two next Google Pixel devices, “Felix” and “Lynx,” have been discovered by the source. While the Felix device is most likely the Google Pixel 7. The Lynx gadget’s identity is unknown, however it is widely assuming to be the next Google Pixel flagship. Is it possible that it’s the Google Pixel 7 Ultra/Pro? Only time will tell.

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According to the newspaper, the flagship’s display details were also spotting in the AOSP code, which was labelling “G10.” Because of the processor’s ability to support 120Hz refresh rates, the G10 tablet is projected to be a flagship product rather than a Pixel A-series device.

Tipped Specifications

The New Google Pixel Flagship also hint that the high-end variant may be able to display content in 1080p mode. While this will reduce the smartphone’s viewing experience, it can assist save battery life – a function available on other devices with high-resolution displays. Meanwhile, company has yet to formally unveil the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro’s full specifications ahead of their scheduled release later this year.

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