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Apple iPhone 14 e-SIM Model Likely To Be An Optional Model: Analyst

- Updated: 28th Jan 2022, 15:45 IST
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    Apple iPhone 14 models to come in e-SIM-only and nano-SIM options
    • What is eSIM?

Earlier in 2021, reports of Apple might launch its next flagship without a physical SIM card slot. These rumours suggested that Apple might remove the physical SIM Slot starting with the 2023 models, rather than some iPhone 15 models as originally rumoured. But now, a new report suggests that iPhone 14 might have an e-SIM only optional model. Let us know the details of these new reports below:

Apple iPhone 14 models to come in e-SIM-only and nano-SIM options

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GlobalData analyst Emma Mohr-McClune today expressed her belief that Apple will not switch to eSIM-only iPhones entirely right away. But rather offer an eSIM-only variant of an iPhone 14 through its own stores and give carriers an option to sell the eSIM-only model. It will be available alongside more traditional models with both eSIM and a nano-SIM card tray.

“We don’t believe that Apple will take the ‘big bang’ approach — getting rid of existing systems and transferring all users to eSIMs. But rather launch an eSIM-only variant of its upcoming new model. Retaining the dual eSIM-plus-physical SIM slot model for the mass market and its key carrier channel”.

Mohr-McClune in a blog post

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Many carriers in the global market do not support e-SIM technology yet. With the iPhone 15 series in 2023, Apple could go the eSIM-only route. From what it looks like, the company looks to eventually achieve a port-less and tray-less design. Right now, eSIM adoption is expanding rapidly, though, with over 100 carriers offering eSIM service worldwide. Even more are planning to roll out support this year, including three in the UK and Vodafone in New Zealand. Moreover, in India, Airtel, Jio, and Vi offer eSIM support right now.

What is eSIM?

To those unaware, an e-SIM is a digital SIM that allows users to activate a cellular plan without having to use a physical nano-SIM card. Apple first introduced eSIM technology with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in 2018. In India, there are not a lot of devices that support it. Popular carriers like Airtel, Jio, Vi do offer eSIM support.

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Although the e-SIM technology is more futuristic, it lacks convenience, as one needs to delete the existing service to change the network. This is much easier to do with a physical SIM card. It will be interesting to see how Apple and carriers deal with eSIM-only models in India.