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Apple To Add Unlisted Applications To App Store

- Updated: 31st Jan 2022, 11:18 IST

Apple may now distribute unlisted applications via the App Store. But, only those with a direct connection will be able to use them. Administrators have access to hidden applications through Apple Business Manager / Apple School Manager. Even if they aren’t visible to the general public via search results, App Store sections, charts, or suggestions.

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For “LIMITED AUDIENCES,” unlisted apps are ideal

For example, Apple recommends using unlisted applications for “limited audiences,” such as visitors at a special event or members of an organisation. The first step in removing an app from the App Store is to send a request to Apple.

Developers must take additional procedures for apps that are authorise only for private downloading on the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. Apple advises developers must create a new app listing in App Store. Existing public applications may submit a request directly from their developers.

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The software’s distribution method will change to “Unlisted App” after Apple accepts the request. Furthermore, the same applies to all upgraded versions of that app. A previously mentioned app’s URL will remain unchanged if the app is no longer featured on the App Store. In addition, Apple will not allow any applications that are in beta or even a pre-release form. The reason behind this is the unlisted apps “must be part of the final distribution.”

Bad actors using a mechanism akin to the Developer Enterprise Program, which was initially to allow developers to test and internally distribute programmes before Apple formally evaluated them. In the wake of this, users may sideload illegal gaming, gambling and porn applications. An investigation by Ars Technica has shown that only applications with a small audience are likely to be subject to a thorough review process.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Previously, only those with a special connection could access the App Store’s “unlisted” applications.
  • Additionally, the software will be accessible through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.
  • Anyone with a link to an unlisted app may download it, Also, if the software is on the App Store, the link will stay the same if the app is not yet unlisted.

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