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Battlegrounds Mobile India Announces ‘Get Ready To Jump’ Event Where You Can Win Official Merchandise

- Updated: 22nd Jul 2021, 08:25 IST
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    How to Participate in Battlegrounds Mobile India Event

The ‘Get Ready To Jump’ community event for Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently underway, with players having the opportunity to win official merchandise. Participants must post a video of themselves dropping a pin on a map and landing at their desired location as part of the event. Krafton is on the lookout for parachute strategies in the battle royale game. A total of 150 submissions will be chosen to win a Battlegrounds Mobile India merchandise box which will include branded clothing and accessories. The event will conclude on July 30th, with the winners being announced a month later.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is a popular online battle royale game in which players jump out of a plane, land on a designated location on the map, and equip themselves with weapons and armor in order to fight and be the last man/team standing. Get Ready To Jump is an event in which players can win merchandise by displaying their parachuting and landing skills. Participants have to share a one-minute video of their avatars jumping and gliding to their location. The event is now taking place and will go on until July 30.

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How to Participate in Battlegrounds Mobile India Event

They will need to share the clip on any one of their social media handles including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube by tagging the game’s respective channels – @battlegroundsmobilein_official on Instagram, @Battlegrounds Mobile India on Facebook, or @BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA on YouTube. The other requirements include using the hashtags #GETREADYTOJUMP and #BATTLEGROUNDSMOBILEINDIA and providing the character UID number.

Winners will receive a Battlegrounds Mobile India merchandise box. The box will have a bandana, backpack, cap, metal badge, mobile ring, mug, slipper, t-shirt, and wristband.

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Krafton will choose 150 submissions and announce the winners on the game’s official social media channels. After that, players will be notified in-game through email for more information and shipping instructions. In the event of a discrepancy, Krafton states it reserves the right to replace, remove, or disqualify any participant.