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    Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 is Here: Everything You Need to Know

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 23rd Sep 2021 5:57 IST
    Call of Duty Mobile Season 8

    Highlights of the Story

    • Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 is finally here.
    • This season marks the 2nd anniversary for CoD Mobile as well.
    • The new update brings a new BR map, battle pass and new ranked season to the game.

    Activision has finally rolled out the Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 update today, on September 23, 2021. The brand new update also marks and celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the game. CoD Mobile was released in 2019 and now, it officially completes two years of its existence in the mobile gaming realm. Not only that, the game practically dominates the world of competitive mobile gaming alongside BGMI and Garena Free Fire.

    Further, the brand new update brings a ton of changes in the game, especially in battle royale. Not only are we getting a completely new BR map via the update, we also get to see a new battle pass. Moreover, the new season also marks the beginning of a new ranked season for both the multiplayer and BR modes. Without any further ado, here is everything that is new in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8.

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    Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass

    Starting off CoD Mobile Season 8 battle pass, it offers four new character skins and five weapon skins. We also get to see the new shotgun in the battle pass, in both a default and an epic weapon skin variant.

    Character Skins

    Alias – Battleworn

    Earlier this year, we got to see Alias via the Doppleganger lucky draw. Now, we get the Alias – Battleworn character skin upon purchasing the CoD Mobile Season 8 battle pass. Further, we get it as the very first character skin at Tier 1.

    General Shepherd

    Yes, the infamous General Shepherd of the CoD franchise has now been introduced as a playable character in CoD Mobile Season 8 battle pass. The epic character skin can be gotten at Tier 12 of the battle pass.

    Velikan – Volcanic Ash

    We are getting another variant of this character via the battle pass. A couple seasons ago, we saw the Velikan – Megalith character skin via a battle pass. Now, we are getting the Velikan – Volcanic Ash character skin at Tier 35 of the battle pass.

    Price – Bravo 6

    Captain Price is one of the most beloved characters of the Call of Duty franchise. It is good to see Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 battle pass offering the Price – Bravo 6 character skin variant of this character. Further, the character skin is available for grabs upon reaching the last tier, that is, Tier 50 of the battle pass.

    Weapon Skins

    CR-56 AMAX – Tattered Shot

    In the very first tier, we get the CR-56 AMAX – Tattered Shot variant in the battle pass.

    RUS-79U – Hard Spike

    This skin for the RUS SMG is available at Tier 10 of Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 battle pass.

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    Holger 26 – Anodized

    At Tier 30 of the battle pass, we get this weapon skin for the Holger 26.

    MK2 – Future Sharpshooter

    We get the new MK2 – Future Sharpshooter skin at Tier 40 of the new CoD Mobile Season 8 battle pass.

    R9-0 – Master of Snakes

    At the very last tier, that is, Tier 50 of the battle pass, we get to see the epic variant for the new is R9-0 shotgun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 battle pass. The default variant of the gun is available at Tier 21 of the battle pass for free-to-play players as well.

    New BR Map, Scorestreak and More

    Call of Duty Mobile Blackout BR Map

    As we all know, the new BR map Blackout has finally been added to the game. With this, wee can now experience a brand new terrain to fight out in. In addition, a new scorestreak has also been added to the game. This new scoresteak is called Lightning Strike and it allows players to launch a coordinated lightning strike across three locations at once in multiplayer matches.

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    Futher, a new counterattack event has gone live in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8. This particular event is BR based and offers a bunch of different rewards upon completion of challenges. Meanwhile, seasonal objectives have now been renewed as well. We get to see a brand new epic AS VAL – Pollinator weapon skin here. We also get to see a brand new character skin called Gaz – Forward Deployment via the monthly login calendar. We will also get to see the new M13 AR land in the game soon.

    Also, a series of events will be coming soon as a celebration of Call of Duty Mobile 2nd anniversary. These are namely the Sweet Celebration, Anniversary Puzzle, Oktoberfest, Global Weapon Exchange and Deadly Weaponry events. Oktoberfest will kick off on September 25, 2021. On the other hand, the rest of the events will land on October 1, 2021.

    Call of Duty Mobile Ranked Season 4

    Call of Duty Mobile Ranked S4 BR Rewards

    Starting off with the Ranked Season 4 BR rewards, players get an epic backpack at Master I, an epic snowboard at Master V, the Scylla – Dark Quill epic character skin at Grand Master III and an epic frame at Legendary.

    Call of Duty Mobile Ranked S4 Multiplayer Rewards

    On the other hand, players get an epic charm at Master I. Further, at Master V, players get an epic Karambit. Upon reaching Grand master III, players get the epic Hades – Piercing Hawk weapon skin and an epic frame at Legendary.

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