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Marvel Future Revolution is Available To Download for Android and iOS Devices Now

- Updated: 26th Aug 2021, 07:49 IST
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    Marvel Future Revolution Theme and Characters
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    Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay

Netmarble’s Marvel Future Revolution has been one of the most anticipated games of 2021. The game went up for pre-registration in June, 2021. The Marvel Future Revolution release date in India was revealed last month and it finally went live on August 25, 2021. The game is already up for download on the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices.

The game brings the fan favourite Marvel characters to mobile devices. Besides, the game looks stunning, more on the console quality side of things. On top of the graphical brilliance, the fact that it is a Marvel game is enough for any fans of the universe to instantly download it. Moreover, folks who pre-registered for the game will also be getting exciting in-game goodies.

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Marvel Future Revolution Play Store listing reveals a download size of 1.6GB. In addition, the game also has a whole lot of data to download once the base game is done downloading. Players can expect to see a total download size of up to a staggering 6GB. So, users need to be wary of keeping their phone a tad bit empty to fit the massive size of the game.

However, the good thing is, while all of that downloads, players can enjoy a fun mini Star Lord game. The mini arcade game revolves around Star Lord avoiding obstacles while at the same time shooting down enemies on the way, gathering points. This will definitely make the big Marvel Future Revolution download size to seem a lit less time-consuming.

Marvel Future Revolution Theme and Characters

As soon as players download the additional game data and start off with the main game, they get to see a chaotic universe. Everything is falling apart and heroes and players are introduced to the game mechanics by allowing them to play with each and every playable character. The playable characters include Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Storm, Captain America, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. We can see Vision as well as he ultimately saves the Marvel multiverse.

Now, this results in the two Earths colliding and resulting in a sort of a division. The Earth is now divided into various zones. These zones include New Stark City, Hydra Empire, Midgardia and Sakaar. Players will be able to travel to each of these zones over the course of story line progression. Moreover, in the first couple of scenes itself, we see the entry of one of the most popular villains in the Marvel Universe, M.O.D.O.K. There will be several other such iconic villains.

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Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay

The game is based in the Marvel Multiverse which follows an RPG format. Players can customize their characters as well. Besides, more and more options start unlocking as players level up and upgrade their characters. In addition, each of the characters have over a 100 different combinations to go for.

As far as Marvel Future Revolution gameplay is concerned, we will see a very Open-World RPG style gameplay, as mentioned before. In addition, the game allows players to get engaged in boss fights with popular villains of the universe like Thanos, Red Skull, Ultron and Loki. The game comes with Co-Op mode as well which allows players to team up with their friends to defeat the bosses.

Coming to Marvel Future Revolution system requirements, the game requires at least 3GB of RAM and Android 5.0 or above. However, we would recommend playing the game on at least a mid-ranger flagship device in order to enjoy it. The game has console-quality graphics and although there are several graphical options, depending on your device, a good gaming device will offer the best experience. Moving to iOS system requirements, devices need to run on at least iOS 11.0 or above.

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