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Detroit: Become Human Studio, Quantic Dream Working on a New Star Wars Game

- Updated: 20th Sep 2021, 06:03 IST
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    New Star Wars Game: What More?

After Detroid: Become Human and Heavy Rain, studio Quantic Dream is now working on a new Star Wars game. The studio is very well known in the realm of gaming by now for making immersive titles. Moreover, their unique take on gameplay mechanics allows them to stand out in a highly competitive market. Now, according to a report by Tom Henderson, posted on DualShockers, the studio is working on a Star Wars game.

Further, this new leak comes in, courtesy of YouTuber and ex-journalist, Gautoz. Gautoz has a YouTube channel which primarily revolves around the realm of gaming news. According to him, after Quantic Dream’s deal with Sony expired, the studio has collaborated with Disney for a new Star Wars game.

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New Star Wars Game: What More?

Star Wars Battlefront II

The official title of the upcoming Star Wars game is currently under wraps. However, if the rumours are to be believed, we can expect the title to be revealed in the coming months. Moreover, as per the leak by Gautoz, the studio is apparently already eighteen months in on their development of the new game. However, neither Disney or Quantic Dream have revealed anything. They have been pretty discreet about the project.

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Quantic Dream is a studio which primarily focuses on offering players with a very gritty and immersive narrative style of gameplay. Besides, they are one of those studios which make choice-based endings. Just like Detroit: Become Human which has multiple endings depending on your choices throughout the game, we can expect their upcoming Star Wars game to follow a similar pattern. Their games have been a commercial success, owing to this very unique take on gameplay mechanics.

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Besides, Disney has ended their exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts. This definitely does hint at a new Star Wars game being in the works as multiple studios now have the opportunity to build something around the massive realm of Star Wars universe. Also, Quantic Dreams was previously tied to Sony and now, the deal is off. So, there is a big chance for the game to release on other platforms than the PlayStation.


Highlights of the Story

  • Quantic Dream, the studio behind Detroit: Become Human, now working on a Star Wars game.
  • The game is reportedly in its eighteenth month of development.
  • We will most likely be seeing an immersive narrative and choice-based gameplay.