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Download Instagram Reels Directly With This New Feature

- Updated: 23rd Nov 2023, 14:17 IST
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    You Can Now Download Reel From Public Accounts
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    How To Download Instagram Reels?

The Meta-owned company is adding a new feature allowing users to download the reels directly. This feature works similarly to TikTok, where users can download a reel from a public account. In June, Instagram released the feature for beta testers in the USA, and now it is rolling out globally.

You Can Now Download Reel From Public Accounts

Users Can Now Download Reels Directly Within The App

Users on Instagram will now have the option to download Reels directly within the app. This feature applies to all public until the account owner changes the download settings.

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However, Instagram users below 18 must manually activate the download feature. Users can change this option in the Accounts Privacy settings of the app.

This option will not be available for private accounts, meaning no user can download a reel from a private account unless the account changes the privacy setting to public.

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Furthermore, all reels you download will appear in your device’s gallery. These reels will have the watermark of the original creator to ensure proper credit is given.

All account owners can change the download settings to choose whether others can download their reels or not. After recording a reel, click on More Options at the bottom and select Advanced Settings.

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Here, you will find the toggle “Allow people to download your reels”, which you can turn on or off. This option can be enabled for all reels or a specific reel.

How To Download Instagram Reels?

First, you need to open Instagram and navigate to the Reels tab. Similarly, you can go to the Saved section of your account and then swipe left to find a saved reel.

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Once you find the Instagram reel of your choice, click on the share button and select the download option. This reel will appear in your phone’s gallery and have the original account’s watermark.

Note that this feature will not work if the account is private or the owner has turned off the download options in settings. You can still save the reel to watch later if the download option is unavailable.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The meta-owned company is adding a new feature allowing users to download a reel directly within the app.
  • This new feature is only available for public accounts and can be changed by owners in the privacy settings.
  • You can download a reel by clicking the share button and selecting the download option.