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Fake Message Goes Viral About Three Red Ticks on WhatsApp

- Updated: 28th May 2021, 11:11 IST
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    Are these claims true on WhatsApp?

A fake message has started doing the rounds on WhatsApp. It claims once the new IT rules are implemented, your calls and messages are going to be recorded. In addition, it also warns the users that their social media accounts are also going to be monitored. But once again, we need to reiterate this message is fake and the government is not recording anything. Additionally, this comes at a time when just yesterday the speculations of Instagram, FB, and Twitter ban were rife. We know of the new IT rules from the Centre and how these social media giants are yet to comply.

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“Two blue ticks and one red tick means the government can take action against. Whereas three red ticks will mean that the government has started court proceedings against you”. This is what a new message claims on WhatsApp. Once again, please remember that this whole message is fake. However, this is not the first time this fake message went viral – it happened a year ago and was debunked that time too.

Are these claims true on WhatsApp?

This is false as WhatsApp has not made any changes to its system to inform users about the delivery of messages through ‘ticks’. Furthermore, this misleading message comes amid a legal fight between WhatsApp and the government over the recently introduced IT rules in the country. According to the fake message, WA is bringing new communication rules for messages and calls that will connect devices to the government. It also mentions that the new system will allow the law enforcement authorities to take action against people posting messages and videos against the government. All the claims in that message are fake and unclear. It is advisable to not forward any such fake messages from your end.

The existing feature to show ticks for read-receipts also remains the same as before. This means that one can only see grey and blue ticks. This is depending on the status of message delivery and your WhatsApp settings. Moreover, it is also important to note that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for your personal messages. This means third parties including the government or even WhatsApp itself can’t decrypt the messages. Only senders and receivers will be able to read them. However, this will not work if you are communicating with a business account on the app. Although in that case as well, the government is not allowed to access that information.

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Meanwhile, just as this fake message spreads WhatsApp is preparing to go against the Indian government over these new IT Rules. These new IT rules require access to information on chats, originator and so much more. So at this time let us not spread any viral fake message on the instant messaging platform.