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FAUG Team Deathmatch Beta Release Is Out Now

- Updated: 28th Jun 2021, 07:53 IST
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    FAUG Team Death Beta Release: Weapons, New Map and More

FAUG has been expected to roll out the beta release for their team deathmatch game mode for some time now. However, the game had not released the beta release on the 21st of June. Now, the beta release for the latest and most anticipated game mode is finally here.

The FAUG team deathmatch game mode brings a ton of new features, changing the entire feel of the game. From new weapons to a great multiplayer mode, this might be it for the game. However, download slots for the team deathmatch beta release are limited. So, if you want to get a first-hand experience of how the latest game mode will feel like, download now! To download the game, head over to this link here and download.

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FAUG Team Death Beta Release: Weapons, New Map and More

The brand new FAUG team deathmatch game mode will introduce new weapons and guns for the very first time in the game. Previously, the game only allowed players to use melee weapons. However, this much anticipated update brings in guns too.

Additionally, a new map called ‘Bazaar’ has been introduced in the beta release. The new map is based on a suburban environment. The Google Play Store description of the new map reads as the map having, “ample cover and vantage points to take that defining shot and cement your victory.”

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The team deathmatch mode has been expected to release for quite a while now. Now that is finally here, it is understandable as to why this is a big thing for the developers. Melee weapons are stealthy and sneaky, that is for sure. However, the fun of using guns and other similar weapons is on a completely different level.

FAUG developers nCore is also expected to roll out a battle royale mode. However, that is still in the works and no particular date has been revealed. The biggest challenge for the company now is to capture a market which has been taken over by COD Mobile and the recently launched Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game needs to perform really well in terms of gameplay and graphics to give these two a tough competition

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