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Fortnite Brings a New Imposter Mode Inspired by Among Us

- Updated: 18th Aug 2021, 05:49 IST
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    Fortnite Imposter Mode

Fortnite: Impostors is a new game mode that will be available starting today, and it may seem similar to those who have played Among Us. Players are split into two teams by imposters. One team of up to eight agents has the aim of keeping the headquarters of one of Fortnite’s most shady factions (the Imagined Order) operational by completing various tasks. The other is a duo of impostors (Epic didn’t bother to change the name) whose objective is to eliminate all of the agents.

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Fortnite Imposter Mode

Voice chat isn’t available, but there’s still text chat, which allows you to communicate using emotes or the Quick Chat option, and you may play with just your friends in Private or Friends Only, or join a big party in Public.

Players can call a meeting at any time if they find an eliminated player (or observe something suspicious), where they can discuss the game’s happenings and vote someone out if they wish. The Fortnite version effectively integrates the game’s iconic emote into the conversation, allowing you to literally point a finger at the individuals you suspect.

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Fortnite Brings a New Imposter Mode Inspired by Among Us

To put it another way, it’s a Fortnite version of Among Us with no serial numbers. Of course, there are some differences; everything has got a Fortnite makeover, with jobs like repairing the Battle Bus and preparing llama supply drops. Imposters do not kill players; instead, they teleport them away into a rift.

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Agents can win if they complete all of their assignments or vote out all of the Impostors; whereas Impostors can win if they eliminate all of the agents.

If you’ve always wanted to play Among Us, but with more dancing emotes and less permission from the original developers; now is your chance: Fortnite Impostors is now officially available.