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Garena Free Fire X McLaren: New Game Mode, Free Login Rewards This Weekend

- Updated: 31st Jul 2021, 13:46 IST
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    Garena Free Fire: Convoy Crunch 

Garena Free Fire is very well known for the interesting collaborations it makes, just like Fortnite. This time, the game makers have taken it up a notch as they have collaborated with McLaren. McLaren is known for making fast cars and is very popular amongst car enthusiasts.

The game will roll out an interesting set of in-game goodies to mark their collaboration with McLaren on this one. Moreover, Garena Free Fire has announced that its collaboration with McLaren will be seen in-game this weekend. Players who login into the game over the weekend will get their hands on exciting in-game rewards.

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Additionally, Garena Free Fire has also introduced a brand new game mode called, Convoy Crunch. Players who log into the game from July 31 to August 1 will get their hands on Free Fire x McLaren in-game rewards. Furthermore, players who manage to pull off the playtime mission over the weekend will also get their hands on the McLaren Racing Overalls Bundle.

Garena Free Fire: Convoy Crunch 

Garena Free Fire New Game Mode In Collaboration With McLaren

The latest new Convoy Crunch mode in Garena Free Fire will be a limited time game mode. Moreover, for this game mode, players will be divided into two separate teams. Now, once a round begins, one of the team will play the role of Invaders and the other team will be the Defenders. Additionally, the Invaders will have to escort a vehicle to a designated destination while the Defenders have to stop them from doing so. For the next round, the roles will be reversed and so on.

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Moreover, the target vehicle will only move when the Invaders are inside a set radius around it. However, if the defenders are within that particular set area, the vehicle will move backwards. Additionally, if both the Defenders and Invaders are inside the radius, the vehicle comes to a stop. So, this is how the new game mode in Garena Free Fire works.

Furthermore, the Convoy Crunch game mode winners in Garena Free Fire will be determined on the basis of one out of two outcomes. One is that the teams who use the least amount of time to get the vehicle to the final destination. Two is the team that takes the vehicle to the furthest distance in the game mode. Lastly, the brand new game mode will only be available to play till August 3 so, hurry up!

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