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Google Improves Search Results – Here’s What’s New

- Updated: 2nd Feb 2021, 20:09 IST

Google has updated its search with a new feature. Although not revolutionary or groundbreaking, the new feature gives users more information about a domain.

You can notice a three dot menu on the top right side of search results. This menu gives you additional information about the website.

A card named “about this result” is shown on the screen, which gives additional information such as the description of the domain and its full URL.

It also lets users know if the website is secure or not and if the search result is organic or an advertisement. It also lets users quickly access their privacy settings.

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According to Google, they are scraping all the information from Wikipedia, so not all search results will have the required information.

The company says that the feature is quite useful when you are visiting is legit or not. On the other hand, it might affect websites that do not have a Wikipedia page.

While users can make more informed decisions, the move might affect small businesses that have worked to increase their traffic. The feature is currently available in the US only. Since it is in beta, we expect Google to make some major changes before it is made publicly available.