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Indian Scalpers Sell PS5 On Huge Markups As Stocks Remain Low

- Updated: 2nd Feb 2021, 20:13 IST

With the official launching of the much-hyped PS5 in India, comes online scalpers.

Scalpers are shopping bots that automatically try to buy a product for you in case of limited availability. Just head over to popular online marketplaces like OLX and you will find the PS5 at or near Rs. 90,000.

However, one interesting thing to note that the listing says the PS5 is Indian models. Some of them even offer a warranty.

We would like to remind you that this is the same price the PS5 was sold by scalpers for when it launched worldwide. While scalping is not illegal, no one should buy such products at exorbitantly high prices.

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Sony hasn’t said anything about when the Playstation will be back in stock. However, various figures indicate that the stock has already been sold.

As if the PS5 wasn’t costly already, scalpers in India are making sure they are able to make a maximum profit before stocks return to normal.

In the United States of America, estimations indicate that more than ten percent of total PS5 are resold using scalpers. They managed to make about $43.2 million in profit.

While scalping is not a big business in India, one should wait for products to restock instead of buying products at prices more than the MRP.