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Infinix Zero Ultra 5G With Xboy Explorer NFT Collection

- Updated: 6th Oct 2022, 15:57 IST
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    Features Enabled After NFTs – Infinix Zero Ultra 5G
    • Lottery Offers, Smartphones, and NFTs

Infinix is ready to offer its upcoming flagship with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the Xboy Explorer collection. The Infinix Zero Ultra 5G has integrated the space-themed NFT collection.

Infinix is planning to pay tribute to the spirit of humanity for exploring space with five NFT characters. These characters represent space explorers from different planets. They stay together in the Milky Way solar system.

The company Infinix which was founded in 2013 is now on the list of a few smartphone companies that have linked their devices with blockchain-based digital collectibles.

The new Infinix Zero Ultra 5G smartphone is the first step for the company in the Web3 direction after its association with the NFTsector. Skye Chen, Head of Global Public Relations at Infinix Mobility, said that “We’re undertaking innovative NFT marketing strategies to deliver an exciting digital experience to users. The Xboy Explorer NFTs tie all these exciting developments together”.

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Features Enabled After NFTs – Infinix Zero Ultra 5G
Infinix Zero Ultra 5G

The five NFTs linked to the devices offer special features. The first character is the Flash. It originated from venus and has 180W Thunder Charge. This represents the fast charging capacity of the smartphone.

Now comes the second character, known as Mirror. It comes from the planet Jupiter. This brings a 3D waterfall display. The third is the Vision from Mercury. It offers a 200-megapixel camera.

The planet Mars brings the fourth, Wisestart. It comes with 6nm 5G SoC. So, the last and fifth which are Chic offer a very stylish look. The NFTs designs are done by Cluster3 NFT Labs.

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Eric, the Founder of Cluster3 NFT Labs, commented,” The Web3 shift is increasingly of interest to younger generations, in a digital world that explores the combination of technology and art. NFTs are a trendy tool that brands can leverage to expand brand awareness and user engagement”.

Lottery Offers, Smartphones, and NFTs

On buying, Infinix Zero Ultra 5G the consumers will get an NFT lottery card. It will allow users to win an animated NFT by scanning the QR code.

The trend of buying and holding NFTs has become a trend. Now, even Smartphone brands are integrating these into their devices. This year, in June, Solana Labs disclosed their smartphone. It is known as ‘Saga’.

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This will even have a pre-installed crypto wallet known as ‘Solana Pay’. Even it has a seed vault for storage. The users who pre-order the phone received the NFTs with the first of the Saga devices.

In September, Samsung partnered with Theta Labs to support the collections of NFT to accompany the launch of Samsung’s latest foldable flagship device, the Galaxy Fold 4. Also, the Nothing Phone(1) also offered NFTs to the ones who pre-ordered.