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iPhone 14 Can Come with Under-Display Touch ID and Face ID: Leaks

- Updated: 2nd Aug 2021, 05:14 IST

A new patent from Apple hints that the company is exploring under-display Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone 14. Moreover, Apple has a new patent for integrating biometric authentication into iPhones and MacBooks. However, this patent adds weight to the multiple reports that Apple will be going back to Touch ID. Whereas, other reports suggest that they are planning to bring Face ID eventually across all of its products.

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As we know, this under-display Touch ID and Face ID are in discussion for a long time. Although this time this patent hints that Apple is planning to move forward with at least the under-display Touch ID. If the Face ID holds back, then we are seeing the notch once again in iPhone 14. On the other hand, the soon to launch iPhone 13 series will stick with the notch once again.

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What more does the new patent filing say?

In the filing, Apple details how the current iPhone design features the imaging sensor next to the display. Especially rather than being embedded into it. It also discusses how this imaging sensor could come with the display in order to enable the next iteration of Touch ID. However, Apple also hints that they will use the same tech for under-display Face ID possibly for iPhone 14.

“An electronic device can implement through-display imaging for any suitable imaging, sensing, data aggregation, or light capture purpose including, but not limited to […] face recognition.”

the filing reads

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Meanwhile, Apple competitors, Android smartphones have already dabbled into this under-display fingerprint sensor in mid-range to flagship devices for years. Whereas, lower-end phones have either put the fingerprint scanner on the back or combined it with the power button on the side. Now, the question is what will the iPhone 14 bring to make it more unique than its predecessor?