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iPhone 16 Leaks Indicate It Could Fix iPhone 15’s Biggest Issue!

- Updated: 13th Jun 2024, 12:50 IST
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    iPhone 16 To Sport New Metal Encased Battery To Prevent Overheating
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    Expected Upgrades In The Phone

Apple is working to tackle its biggest problem, overheating, in its phones. Now, many Apple iPhone 15 users have reported a problem with heating their gadgets. This may not be true with the Apple iPhone 16, as we have come across recent speculations that indicate that the iPhone series is going to rectify this with a number of changes in the next iPhone series by the Apple company. Here is everything you need to know about these iPhone 16 leaks.

iPhone 16 To Sport New Metal Encased Battery To Prevent Overheating

iPhone 16
Credit: Majin Bu on X

In the leak by tipster Majin Bu on X, the iPhone 16 battery could be similar to that of the iPhone 15 in size and shape. However, as mentioned earlier, owing to Apple’s secrecy, many components of the iPhone are different. Unlike other smartphone batteries that have a black foil on the surface, the battery of the iPhone 16 is metallic.

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Other news outlets suggest that the iPhone 16’s battery features a metal covering, which can help dissipate heat and prevent it from catching fire. This time, there was no additional information regarding the battery.

Expected Upgrades In The Phone

According to a recent leak, the iPhone 16 may have a slightly larger battery, 3,597mAh, instead of the 3,367mAh battery of the Apple iPhone 15.

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However, according to new sources, the iPhone 16 leak reveals it will have a new camera design and be available in white, black, blue, pink, and green instead of the green, black, yellow, pink, and blue colours of the iPhone 15.

There are also rumours about the presence of one more button that will be initially labelled as the Action button and the second one as Capture to initiate the video shooting or focus changes and zoom control. Moreover, the iPhone 16 might support spatial video recording as well.

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