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iPhone Safari Bug Detected, Know The Exact Cause

- Updated: 15th Nov 2022, 16:57 IST
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    iPhone Safari Crashes
    • What Is Causing This Crash?
    • What’s The Main Issue?

The iPhone and iPad users face yet another bizarre bug. This iPhone safari bug is not letting the users search certain words and characters using Safari. However, the exact cause is still under cover. A number of iOS 16 users have taken this complaint to Twitter. They have shared screen recordings showing the exact problems. Even iOS 15 users have reported some issues.

iPhone Safari Crashes

safari search
Safari Search

As per the reports, the problem comes to view when the users start typing certain letters into the address bar in Safari. After which the Safari app immediately crashes.

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This refers that you cannot complete your search or complete the process of typing in the URL of the website you’re trying to visit. It prevails in all versions of iOS 16. However, some iPhone users in certain countries are not facing this safari bug.

The users facing this problem are from Florida and California. They are even suggested to use the Google search engine for Safari on iPhone.

What Is Causing This Crash?

This bug was first pointed out by users on Twitter. As an example, if you open safari on your iPhone 14 Pro Max and start typing “Wells Fargo” into the address bar. The safari will instantly crash after you type the first three letters, “wel,” into the address bar. It is indicated to be the first letters of a retail chain like Best Buy or Target, but beyond that, no pattern has been known.

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A number of different words and searches seem to cause this problem. As noted to be: “tar,” “bes,” “wal,” “wel,” “old,” “sta,” “pla.” This is surely even other combinations that lead to this crash. Also termed as something that’s impossible to test for. If the users attempt to type something like “Walmart”, “Starbucks” or “best” and do not go beyond the first three letters before Safari crashes.

What’s The Main Issue?

This comes as some kind of text rendering bug. That affects the given results that appear in Safari when we start typing. The first reports of this problem began surfacing overnight into Monday morning.

It is indicated as a server-side bug of some sort. Now, it is said that Apple should be able to fix it without releasing a precise software update for it. The workaround, for now, is to visit the Google website in Safari. Then complete your search there. The users can also disable Siri Suggestions.

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The problem is dedicated to the users running iOS 15.7.1, ‌iOS 16‌, iOS 16.1, iOS 16.1.1, and the iOS 16.2 beta. It is even said that the problem is slowly fixing itself. The problem has now been resolved. Apple has fixed the internal server end. So the users don’t have to apply a fix manually through a future software update.