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LG Teases Rollable Phone, Will Launch in This Year: CES 2021

By Susshmita Choubey - 
13th Jan 2021
LG Rollable

LG Rollable phone is teased at the company CES’s 2021 virtual event. The company unveiled a lot of products in their press conference event. This rollable smartphone is first seen at the start of the conference. Moreover, it is also at the end of the conference. However, there are no details available about the phone yet.

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It comes with a “unique resizable screen” and is part of the company’s Explorer Project. Just like Oppo X 2021, LG Rollable also has a screen that expands from one side from its smartphone shape to a tablet shape.

The teaser shared by the company shows that the smartphone will come out with an extendable and pull out design. LG Rollable’s first spotting is at the 2:06 mark of the CES 2021 conference. In its normal form, it will come in landscape mode. In addition, with slim bezels on the side and thicker bezels on the top and bottom. Additionally, the display and the frame on the right side then extends to show its tablet-like form factor. Moreover, at the end of the conference at the 28:28 mark, LG Rollable is again returning from the tablet to its smartphone form factor.

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The company did not disclose any details of the phone. However, it mentions in its newsroom that LG Rollable is the second device under its Explorer Project. Moreover, this is not the first time the company is teasing the rollable smartphone. Back in September 2020 at the LG Wing official event, the company showed the profile of a device with its screen extended. Moreover, just like we have now seen in the CES 2021 presentation.

LG’s rollable display follows the moderate success of Samsung foldable smartphones. In addition, it comes as LG’s phone business is struggling financially due to stiff competition from the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.


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