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    Microsoft Windows 11 MSN Weather Now Has This New User Interface

    By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
    Updated: 3rd Jan 2022 13:35 IST

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      Microsoft Windows 11 MSN Weather Update

    Highlights of the Story

    • Microsoft Windows 11’s MSN Weather has gotten a new User Interface.
    • Changes have also been made to the Start Menu.
    • For now, the new User Interface is limited to Windows 11 Insider users.

    Microsoft Corporation has rolled out a new update for their Microsoft Windows 11. This new update brings a brand new User Interface to the latest operating system’s MSN Weather functionality. In addition to this, the update also did bring certain minor improvements to the app. Here’s a quick insight into what all has changed in the new and improved MSN Weather.

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    Microsoft Windows 11 MSN Weather Update

    First things first, the new update to the MSN Weather app comes with a version number of 4.53.33420.0. From the looks of it, this update has primarily been rolled out to match up MSN Weather with the latest Windows 11. So, what exactly has changed?

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    For starters, the MSN Weather buttons come with rounded corners now. In terms of aesthetics, lines have now been made larger and thicker. Furthermore, the look and feel of the Settings panel has also been changed to match the Microsoft Windows 11 design.

    On top of this, Microsoft Corporation developers have also brought improvements to the Start Menu. The new update allows the Start Menu to display the name of the associated city to additionally installed locations. What this will do is it will allow users to know about the relevant linking site in a better way. The new 4.53.33420.0 update to Microsoft Windows 11’s MSN Weather also brings bug fixes to the table.

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    In addition, the update also incorporates certain performance improvements to the app. Sadly, the new UI for MSN Weather is currently limited to Windows 11 Insider users only. Hopefully, it shall be rolled out to everyone in the coming days.


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