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OnePlus 10R Images Leaked: Details Here

- Updated: 8th Mar 2022, 16:47 IST
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The images of OnePlus 10R images leaked ahead of its launch. The phone might appear before the OnePlus 10 Pro launch, The OnePlus 10 Pro is coming to the US and Europe soon. While we wait for OnePlus to announce its official launch date, a new OnePlus gadget has appeared on the internet. The OnePus 10R is the most likely model. According to the photograph, the camera module on the OnePlus 10 Pro is different from what we saw in the real world. With a sandstone-like texture, it comes in mint green and black colours.

The back of the phone has a large rectangular camera module. There is an LED flash, three secondary cameras, and a sizeable primary camera in the module that can be seen. The remainder of the back panel is unadorned save for the OnePlus logo. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the front panel in this photo.

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Tipster Abhishek Yadav discovered the photograph after being shared on the Chinese social networking website Weibo. However, he doesn’t know what kind of gadget it is. According to his tweet, a OnePlus 10 or 10 Pro is what we’re looking at here.

Commenter Max Jambor said he could figure out the device’s make and model if given the model number. Yadav then asks, “Is this real?” in response to the first statement. This suggests that the authenticity of the leaked image is unknown.

More On OnePlus 10R!

OnePlus 10R

Maxim Jambor later tweeted that the smartphone is most likely OnePlus 10R, nicknamed Pickle. He also thinks that the phone will arrive first before the standard OnePlus 10 will be available.

According to rumours, the MediaTek Dimensitty 9000 processor will power the OnePlus 10R. It may also include a 120Hz monitor. In the past, OnePlus has shipped its flagship devices using Qualcomm chipsets, so it’s difficult to comprehend that MediaTek would power the OnePlus 10R. OnePlus 9R used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor.

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The OnePlus 10R’s price has yet to be determined; however, it is likely to be cheaper than the regular OnePlus 10. For example, the OnePlus 9R’s pricing was set at Rs 39,999. As a result, the OnePlus 10R should be available for less than Rs 45,000.