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OnePlus Open Official Unboxing Video Reveals Design

- Updated: 4th Oct 2023, 15:18 IST
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    OnePlus Open Revealed In Official Unboxing Video
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    The OnePlus Open Has A Completely Flat Hinge
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    OnePlus Is Working With Google To Adapt Apps On Larger Screen

OnePlus is planning to launch its first foldable smartphone called the OnePlus Open. Recently, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma was seen using the phone. The company has now revealed the design of the OnePlus Open in an unboxing video made in collaboration with the UnboxTherapy YouTube channel.

OnePlus Open Revealed In Official Unboxing Video

OnePlus Open Revealed in Official Unboxing

Popular Youtuber Lewis Hilstenger recently unboxed the OnePlus Open foldable smartphone while interviewing the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau. The co-founder of OnePlus explained that he oversees both Oppo and OnePlus, so both companies have collaborated to design the OnePlus Open.

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The OnePlus Open Has A Completely Flat Hinge

The OnePlus Open unboxing video reveals the phone’s hinge becomes flat when folded, leaving no gap behind. Compared to the Oppo Find N2, it has 31 fewer components and is 37 per cent smaller. Due to the gapless hinge, he demonstrated that the phone can hold a piece of paper between its hinge.

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This also increases the lifecycle of the hinge as it uses fewer moving components, and the company has 35 patents related to the new hinge. The key focus is reducing the size and the weight while increasing the strength of the hinge. Lau claimed that they have also improved the material used in the phone, making it lighter and mor” compact than the Find N2.

Furthermore, Lau claims that the””OnePlus Open is the best folding phone you can get right now”.He states that users want a foldable phone that offers a light and slim design apart from a large-screen expe”ience. Lau assures users t”at the Open will provide the same “fast and smooth experience” found on other OnePlus devices.

OnePlus Is Working With Google To Adapt Apps On Larger Screen

The company is also working closely with Google to adapt apps seamlessly onto the larger screen. The Open will also retain the iconic alert slider found on OnePlus phones. Moreover, the phone is jointly developed by Oppo and OnePlus.

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The company will adopt a different marketing strategy for each region, meaning only the Find N2 or the Open will be available in a specific region. Furthermore, the company currently has no plans to introduce a flip-style foldable.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The OnePlus Open design was revealed in an official unboxing video by Unbox Therapy.
  • The phone will have a hinge that can close completely flat and even hold a piece of paper.
  • The OnePlus Open hinge will also retain the iconic alert slider found in OnePlus devices.