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Oppo Confirms Its’ Own MagVOOC Charging Technology

- Updated: 25th Aug 2021, 01:33 IST

Smartphone makers are now obsessing with wireless charging technology and are working towards new innovations each day. Oppo is bringing its’ own charging technology after Realme’s MagDart to rival Apple’s MagSafe. Now, walking in the same footsteps is about to release MagVOOC charging technology. Moreover, the company demoed the new magnetic fast charging technology during the Smart China Expo 2021. However, it is not just for fast charging, but also in-car connectivity and more. In addition, it will be built into multiple devices and accessories. 

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“OPPO is steadily accomplishing our strategic deployment in the field of IoT and broader areas concerning the Internet of Experience. It is aiming to empower customers in a variety of scenarios. With the new magnetic flash charging MagVOOC and in-car connectivity technologies, we are doing our best to enhance customer experiences in every aspect”.

said Henry Duan, Vice President and President of Smartphone Product at OPPO.

After Realme, Oppo Debuts MagVOOC Charging Tech

The company says that the wireless flash charging stand will help users save up to 60 per cent of preparation time. It’s just a fancy way of saying that you won’t have to look for power sockets to plug charging adapter into. Moreover, the company also claims the MagVOOC series will include a wireless power bank. It uses a magnetic alignment system to ensure precise alignment between phone and charger. There is also the MagVOOC ultra-thin flash charger. It is a thinner charger than earlier, whereas the MagVOOC Wireless flash charging stand will be more like the Pixel Stand.

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Furthermore, the company also announced some features for in-case connectivity. It is also including features for remote vehicle control and a digital car key for Find X3 and Watch 2. The in-car flash charge tech also demoed in the event. According to Oppo, the company said users will have to use an app in order to remotely turn on the air conditioning on their car, sound the horn and more. However, T=there is no word yet on when Oppo’s MagVOOC might appear on sale.