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Playdate Handheld Console To Go Be Up For Pre-Ordering From July

- Updated: 10th Jun 2021, 15:17 IST
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    Playdate Console: Features
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    Price And Availability

US-based maker, Panic, is coming up with a handheld console named Playdate. The handheld console will be available for pre-ordering from July. Also, the shipping for the handheld console is most likely to start later this year.

Playdate Console: Features

The handheld console follows a retro-style, giving players that nostalgic experience. The handheld console provides a gameplay that will give players a similar experience from the classic GameBoy days. Also, the upcoming Playdate console will offer players with two new games every single week. The games will be released as a part of the first season for the console.

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Previously, the console maker had decided on rolling out one game every week. However, the makers have doubled the number of games released per week. This brings the total number of games released to 24 instead of 12. The makers have also revealed a couple of other details about Season One of Playdate.

The unique handheld console maker Panic has revealed a small stereo dock charging accessory. This accessory will charge the gaming device, making it look like an old TV. However, the price of the dock has not yet been revealed. Panic has also revealed the name of 21 out of 24 titles that fall under the first season of Playdate. Additionally, the games are made by established developers like Lucas Pope. Lucas also took to Twitter to reveal the name of one of the games he is working on for the Playdate console. The game is named ‘Midnight After Mars’.

Price And Availability

The Playdate handheld console price in the US has been set at $179. This converts to roughly Rs. 13,060 in India. However, nothing has been revealed about India availability of the device. Moreover, as mentioned before, the charging dock price is still under wraps. Also, at this price, the Playdate will come with the full Season One games without any extra cost.

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As far as availability of the console is concerned, it will be up for pre-ordering from July. The console was actually announced way back in 2019. However, COVID-19 slowed down the process and the company had to postpone the launch by almost a year.

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