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Pokemon Go Creator Niantic Working On Transformers: Heavy Metal AR Game

- Updated: 14th Jun 2021, 15:15 IST
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    Transformers: Heavy Metal – Everything We Know So Far

Niantic is known for giving us the incredibly popular Pokemon Go which took the world by storm way back in 2016. The game is still quite popular in different parts of the world with an active community. Moreover, Niantic has made sure to put in efforts and bring great updates to the game. Now, the creator of Pokemon Go has announced an AR-based Transformers game and the gaming community can’t keep calm about it. The game is titled as Transformers: Heavy Metal and it takes the developer’s voyage from making cute little pokemons to big autobots.

The game will follow down the path of Pokemon Go to be another AR game. This will definitely not just be a point and shoot game. The upcoming Transformers: Heavy Metal game seems like a walk, find and battle kind of a game, much like Pokemon Go.

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With COVID-19 taking a decrease curve in most parts of the world, this is indeed a good year for coming up with another AR game. Moreover, this might just be the game to motivate people to go out and enjoy like they used to.

The developers are indeed the best out there when it comes to AR games. Niantic is not just responsible for Pokemon Go but a variety of other AR games. They are also the minds behind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress. Both these games are excellent AR games that you can download for your Android and iOS today.

Transformers: Heavy Metal – Everything We Know So Far

Niantic and the developer Very Very Spaceship announced today that the Transformers AR game will roll out later on this year itself. In the upcoming Transformers AR game, players will join a group called the Guardian Network. This will allow players to team up with Autobots and challenge Decepticons.

The gameplay will be turn-based, much like Pokemon Go. The game will allow players to look for and find hidden regions across Earth. This will enable players to come across valuable resources. Niantic has announced these in a news release.

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The first screenshots of the gameplay of Transformers: Heavy Metal are here as well. These screenshots show Autobots like Bumblebee in battle with Decepticons like Skywarp. This will definitely be a go-to game for all the Transformers fans out there.

The upcoming Transformers: Heavy Metal game uses Niantic’s Lightship AR platform. This software allows AR-based applications to use real-time 3D mapping. Niantic has revealed the game to come with co-op feature for a multiplayer experience.

Niantic has also put up the pre-registration page for the upcoming AR game. The game is being developed in collaboration with Hasbro, TOMY and the Seattle game developer, Very Very Spaceship. The developers are also working on another game called Catan: World Explorers. However, not much is known about this particular game.

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