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PUBG New State Anti-Cheat Update is Here: All You Need To Know

- Updated: 28th Dec 2021, 13:31 IST
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    PUBG New State Anti-Cheat Update: What More?

PUBG New State is one of the most played mobile games in India today. It is right up there alongside BGMI and Free Fire MAX. However, just like the famous quote, “With great power, comes great responsibility,” Krafton had to amend certain things. PUBG New State is not an exception when it comes to the hacker problem. So, to set things right, Krafton has rolled out a new Anti-Cheat update for the game.

BGMI has recently been going through a rough patch because of its increasing number of hackers. Players are frustrated with this and reports have been coming in from left, right and center. However, New State does not want to face that problem and beforehand, it strengthening its Anti-Cheat system. These updates will make the Anti-Cheat system recognise and punish hackers as soon as they are spotted.

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PUBG New State Anti-Cheat Update: What More?

PUBG New State Battle Royale

Krafton took to their official Twitter handle to reveal that, “Today, we have updated our anti-cheat system and added additional logic.” Further, they go on to say how they will be taking strict measures against players hacking in the game.

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Not just that, they have even set a bar for abusive players in the game. Going by this, players really do need to control their rage in the game, it seems. In case such an abusive players is reported, they are in trouble, big time. Although PUBG New State is very new in comparison to BGMI, we do hope it does not face what BGMI is facing currently.

The BGMI hacker problem increased so much that Krafton had to impose hardware bans. Hardware bans are when not just a player’s account but his device are banned as well. This way, this player can never really get back in the game with either his account or his device.

PUBG New State Anti-Cheat update is live now and is already working towards defending the game against hackers. Moreover, Krafton also states that it does not end here. The game is going to receive a lot more such anti-cheat updates in the future. This shall further increase the game’s defensive abilities against hackers.

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