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PUBG New State Reveals New Map: Troi

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:19 IST
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    PUBG New State Gets a New Map – Troi

Krafton, the creators of PUBG, officially announced the launch of PUBG New State. The launch of the PUBG sequel will be later this year. In February, the company began accepting pre-registrations for its upcoming game, which would be released later. It reported that in just a few months, the game has received over 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store.

The closed alpha testing details for US users were also revealed by the developers. More facts about the new battle royale have been revealed today. Troi is a new map created by the PUBG developers. The 8×8 map introduces a slew of new gameplay and features. Take a look at the new PUBG New State map ahead of the game’s release.

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PUBG New State Gets a New Map – Troi

The release date for PUBG New State is set for later this year. The company has showcased the game’s first map, Troi, before its official release. The 8×8  map includes a variety of locations such as an exhibition hall, a mall, a police station, and a tram factory, and many others. The first two sites have an open ceiling, which makes them ideal for hot-drops where numerous players can land and engage instantly after grabbing weapons and armor. The Mall also has escalators, each of which leads in a different direction for players to choose from.

PUBG New State

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One of the locations displayed is a laboratory having a closed enclosure with bulletproof glass in the central portions. A Trailer Park, which is an open park with several bunkers and trailers, is also present. In the coming days, the developers might release more episodes with more locations and maps. Below is a quick overview of the various locations on the Troi map.

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In the meantime, you can pre-register for PUBG New State now. In the United States, the game is accessible for closed alpha testing. For the time being, only Android users will be able to participate in the alpha testing. More information about iOS app support will release in the coming days. Those who qualify can download the game and enjoy it before its official release.