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PUBG New State will Get These BIG Changes Soon!

- Updated: 18th Jan 2022, 23:06 IST
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    PUBG New State February Update: What Else?
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    Weekly Challenge

PUBG New State players will be happy to know that a lot of things will be coming to the game soon! For starters, there is the PUBG New State Weekly Challenge. Recently, the game got its very first major 0.9.23 update. This introduced Season 1 to the game and brought a lot of cool stuff like the Rimac Nevera, EV and more.

Now, the game makers took to their official Twitter handle to reveal something important. We get to know that the game will be getting a major graphical improvement update in February, 2022. Without any further ado, here’s what the upcoming PUBG New State February Update is going to bring.

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PUBG New State February Update: What Else?

So, in the upcoming update, here’s what is going to change graphically:

  • The Troi map will have balanced colour tones from the looks of it, which will further “reduce eye fatigue” of players.
  • Long distance spotting of enemies will be a tad bit easier because of the graphical improvements that Troi will undergo. All-in-all, locating enemies at long distance will be less difficult.

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Yes, so these are what are going to change in the upcoming PUBG New State February update, according to the company. These will be game-changers for many. Not only will players feel less stressed out because of the reduced eye fatigue but also, spotting enemies from a distance is now easier. This is great news for players as, in such battle royales, knowing your enemy’s location is everything.

Weekly Challenge

In the upcoming Weekly Challenge, players will need to play a PUBG New State match. This can be on Troi, Erangel, Station or BR: Extreme. Either way, players will then get to earn three bonus Chicken Medals in the Weekly Challenge. Players will need to complete missions to get these Chicken Medals.

Krafton is indeed staying true to their word. Earlier this year, the game maker had stated that New State would be receiving two major updates. Furthermore, they also stated that these two updates would spread out in between January and February. That is exactly what is happening.

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The January 0.9.23 update is already up and has been live for almost a week now. Meanwhile, the game developers are preparing for the PUBG New State February update.