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Samsung To Release New Rollable Phone In 2022

- Updated: 22nd Dec 2020, 05:22 IST

According to a new report, the South Korean tech giant can unveil a triple-folding tablet and a transparent display phone. A recent Samsung teaser indicates that it also has a Rollable phone in the works. However, tipster – @cozyplanes on Twitter – claims that Samsung does indeed have a rolling phone in the works. But that it will not be on the market until 2022.

On the other hand, it did not reveal any details about the mentioned devices. According to a previous report, Samsung is tipped to launch a bunch of flagship smartphones like rollable phone after the Galaxy S21 series.

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Let’s take a look at the pipeline of Samsung foldable and other unique devices launching next year.

Triple foldable tablet and a transparent display phone in 2021

According to tipster Tron, Samsung will be launching multiple foldable devices next year. He claims that after the Galaxy S21 launch, the company will launch a triple foldable tablet and a transparent display phone next year.

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It is likely to be a device that has the screen divided into three parts with two hinges between them. However, as of now, this is only mere speculation.

Furthermore, the tipster noted that a transparent display phone will launch in 2021. Again, Tron did not reveal any details about this transparent display phone.

Scrollable and Rollable phones in 2022

We have already seen Oppo tease a rollable screen device called Oppo X 2021. Additionally, according to leaks, this rollable/scrollable phones will launch in 2022.

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Tron also said that the company will launch a “legendary product” that you have never thought to happen.” 

If it is true, the rollable screen phone will also help overcome the issue of the visible crease that has plagued the current foldable display tech.

A recent tip from Max Weinbach listed Samsung’s premium flagship offerings for 2021. The list, other than the Galaxy S21 series, included foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold FE. There was no mention of any triple-folding/ rollable tablet or a transparent display phone on that list. Weinbach also did not mention Galaxy Note 21 in the list.