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    12 Movies Which You Never Knew Were Shot Completely On iPhone


    Apple has got the iPhone better and better with time, which finally resulted in serving their customer base with the best-in-class quality devices. Be it iPhone or Mac; Apple devices do what exactly these are designed to. And that’s why challenging tasks like shooting movies are possible on the iPhone. Yes, a number of directors did it already. Here are the 12 best movies that were shot on iPhone but you didn’t know yet.

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    Updated: 20th Dec 2020 10:06 IST

    Table Of Contents

    • 1
      Movies Which Were Shot on iPhone You Never Knew
      • 1. Unsane
      • 2. I Play With the Phrase Each Other 
      • 3. Tangerine
      • 4. Detour
      • 5. 9 Rides
      • 6. Romance in NYC
      • 7. Night Fishing
      • 8. Framed
      • 9. Searching for SuperMan
      • 10. The Editor
      • 11. And Uneasy Lies the Mind
      • 12. DragonBorne

    Highlights of the Story

    • The iPhone’s camera excels in all aspects and it especially shines in the video department.
    • There are a number of highly successful movies which were shot on the iPhone. To name a few- Unsane, Tangerine, etc. 
    • Even an Oscar-winning documentary named- “Searching for Sugar Man” was also shot on iPhone partially.

    iPhones don’t need any kind of introduction. The brand and the products themselves have established their name in due course of time. From great camera abilities to an out of the box processing power, iPhones have always been in the public eyes. With the new iPhone 12 series coming into the market, the camera quality has improved a lot. In fact, several filmmakers and video creators are using iPhones to make films and capture good quality videos. 

    Now you don’t need the proper equipment for filming movies, an iPhone now is capable enough to deliver shots comparable to an entire set of cameras. Here in this article, we will discuss the best movies that the filmmakers shot completely on an iPhone. 

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    Movies Which Were Shot on iPhone You Never Knew

    Put a close look at the list of all the films shot on an iPhone. You will even come across lots of well-known directors who chose this device to shoot their favourite videos. Steven Soderbergh’s last film’s shooting credits go to an iPhone 7 Plus. Another favourite example is Zack Snyder, who found peace shooting films on his iPhone. 

    Here is a list of some of the movies which got the love and the desired attention from people all across the world. 

    1. Unsane

    Claire Foy follows a woman who is sure that she has a stalker. Soderbergh’s brilliance can be noticed in the entire shoot. The viewer won’t even understand that a huge part of the credits goes to an iPhone. This psychological horror seems like Soderbergh’s brilliant art on a piece of paper. You must watch this movie to get the feel and experience something unreal.

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    2. I Play With the Phrase Each Other 

    The movie has everything done with the help of a phone. Whether it is an iPhone or the original phone conversations, the movie owes every to a smartphone. Even the official URL of the movie is named

    The movie even went on to win the prestigious special Jury Award at the Slamdance, back in 2014. The film is mostly about the story of a friend, who follows the other to live and have a place in the shown city. The feel and quality of the movie are inexpressible. You must watch the movie to understand the hype about the movie. 

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    3. Tangerine

    Sean Baker’s movie, Tangerine revolves around a trans sex worker who goes berserk when a pimp cheats on her. The film stars Kitana KiKi Rodriguez roaming in the streets of Los Angeles. The crew filmed the entire sequence with the help of three iPhone 5S, a photography app and a kind of anamorphic lens.

    You can witness the perfect edits, thus enhancing the eye-catching quality of the movie. The director doubted whether the film would be misunderstood as a feature film, but the movie instead fetched several awards for Baker. It also set fire to the screens of Sundance 2015 Film Festival. All these make the movie a must-watch.

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    4. Detour

    You can even consider Detour to be a commercial for Apple, which Michel Gondry made just with an apple phone, obviously. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s a commercial or a film in general, you can watch it if the film is great, and Detour is just that. The French Filmmaker made the film wisely with an aesthetic appeal and praiseworthy style and angle. You can learn how to play with an iPhone’s camera by watching this film. 

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    5. 9 Rides

    9 Rides is more of a feature film with a quite interesting concept. The film released in 2017 with a story about an Uber driver who gets certain life-altering news on the very New Year’s eve, by engaging with around nine passengers throughout the night. Dorrian Missick, Robinne Lee, Omar Dorsey and many other stars form an integral part of the movie. 

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    6. Romance in NYC

    NYC or New York City is a favorite dream destination for whole loads of people from all across the world. Imagine the scenes of this massive cosmopolitan with a lovely couple and an iPhone, great sound right? The movie shows the ups and downs of the relationship and is a delightful 18 minutes watching. Tristan Pope shot the film on his iPhone 6, which again speaks how an iPhone with a tad bit of skills and passion can make happen wonders. 

    7. Night Fishing

    This name has the touch of the Korean brilliance. The infamous Korean directors Chan-wook Park and Chan-Kyong Park, used just an iPhone 4 for shooting the entire piece of magic. The short film has a sort of fantasy, with a fisherman experiencing changes in his life after making some unexpected catch. 

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    8. Framed

    We again came across a French name, and now the French director here is Mael Sevestre. The film, which has Franck Descombes in the lead role, boasts of being shot on iPhone 4s. Franck Descombes plays the role of a photographer who comes across an unexpected sudden incident while taking photos in the jungle. 

    9. Searching for SuperMan

    Malik Bendjelloul, the director of the marvellous Oscar-winning film, got the help of an iPhone and an 8mm vintage app. The story is about a misunderstanding, as Rodriguez, the musician, gained popularity in Michigan which even happened to be the home state. Interestingly, little did people know that he was already popular in South Africa. His distance from the social world, mostly because of the lack of a phone, made many of his fans think that their favourite man had committed suicide.

    Watch the movie to understand how Malik beautifully made a beautiful flow of the story, just with the help of an iPhone and a bit more than 1 dollar app. 

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    10. The Editor

    Sparring over 8 minutes, this Chris Nong magic received several praises from the people who watched this film. Chris shot the entire movie on an iPhone 4 back in 2011 and uploaded the movie on YouTube. The Editor boasts of various action sequences and 8 minutes of super thrill and adrenaline rush. Along with iPhone 4, he even used Final Cut Pro for the movie.

    11. And Uneasy Lies the Mind

    This 2014 feature has Jonas Fisch as the main protagonist of the story. The viewers get to see Jonas losing his mind and mental peace in the middle of enjoying the couple’s retreat. Ricky Fosheim, who happened to be the director of the film, told in an interview that had been longing to try some magic in 16 mm, but there was obviously a lack of funds. iPhone 5 came to the rescue, and with the help of one or two apps, the director finally could make some progress.

    12. DragonBorne

    You have the sole option of YouTube for this movie, as the movie is just available on this infamous platform. Matthew Pearce shot this on an iPhone 6, taking the help of Filmic Pro and iMovie apps. Here in the movie, you can see the protagonist confronting a dragon, added in the scenes with a few visual effects. 

    That’s all! So what we’ve got from the list is, even if you don’t have the money to make a movie with all the fancy equipment, you don’t need to. Keep your passion alive and try your hands with an iPhone. 

    For the latest smartphone news, stay tuned to Cashify. We also allow you to compare mobile phones so you can find out the better phone before buying. 


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