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    11 Camera Tips And Tricks For iPhone 11 / 11 Pro That Everyone Should Try


    The iPhone 11 series camera capabilities are well known and Apple has made a lot of improvements in the camera department. Also, there are a lot of new camera features such a night mode, Deep Fusion, and more to enhance the pictures captured. Here are a few camera tips and tricks for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro to unlock the full potential of the camera system.

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    Updated: 25th Nov 2020 22:38 IST
    Camera Tips And Tricks For iPhone

    Highlights of the Story

    • The iPhone 11 has a much-improved camera module compared to the iPhone Xs.
    • With additional cameras, the iPhone 11 also features a lot of new camera modes as well.
    • Use these camera tips and tricks to unlock the maximum capabilities of your iPhone’s camera

    The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro made a huge leap forward in the camera department introducing Night Mode, Deep Fusion, and enhanced zoom capabilities. These iPhones were the first to introduce an ultra-wide sensor at the rear and the Pro variant had an extra telephoto lens apart from these.

    With such advanced hardware couples with enhanced software capabilities of iOS, these still are one of the best smartphones for photography. Having said that, not everyone is well aware of the camera capabilities these devices and there are a few hidden modes and unknown tricks that users are not aware of to enhance their photography skills.

    Here we discuss the top 11 tips and tricks for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro that every user must know about.

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    Top Camera Tips and tricks for iPhone 11 / 11 Pro

    1. Switch to Ultrawide  

    The new Ultrawide cameras on the back of iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max are worth trying out. The 12-megapixel camera possesses a 120-degree field of view which is capable of fitting a lot of frame in a single shot.

    If you want to check out the ultra-wide view in iPhone 11, tap the 1x button to switch to the 0.5x ultra-wide lens, and on iPhone 11 Pro, simply hit the 0.5x button.

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    2. Enhanced Zoom

    Although the iPhone 11 Pro features a dedicated telephoto lens that is capable of shooting at 2x zoom. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 does not feature a dedicated telephoto lens and the camera app offers a digital zoom capability of up to 5x zoom.

    You can even fine-tune the zoom by long-pressing the 1x button just above the shutter button. Once you long-press the button a rotatory dial will appear on the screen. Using this you can fine-tune the zoom from 0.5x to 5x.

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    3. Smarter Selfies

    As selfies never run out of trend, the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro both feature 12-megapixel front-facing cameras. The selfie camera now features an ultra-wide mode that has a wider field of view to fit more people into a single selfie. To enable the ultra-wide mode for selfies just hit the expand button on the screen.

    By default, the front camera is set at a zoomed-in mode i.e the normal mode and you can manually set it to the ultra-wide mode. But if you rotate your iPhone horizontally, the camera automatically zooms out as it presumes that you might want to fit other people or more of the background into the shot.

    4. Volume button as Shutter

    Pressing the shutter button the screen captures the image but you can even take a picture by a single press on either volume button, and holding down either volume button records Quick Take videos instead of shooting a burst of photos.

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    5. Record Video while taking a photo

    Image Credits: macrumors

    The iPhones that were released before iPhone 11 and 11 Pro consist of a special feature to record video and essentially take screenshots simultaneously just by tapping the smaller shutter button in the corner.

    Here on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, you’ll see a new Quick Take feature that lets you record a video within photo mode by holding down the shutter button. This feels natural as on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat we are accustomed to capturing videos by long-pressing the shutter button.

    This Quick Take feature works for both the front and rear cameras. But one must keep a note of the aspect ratio. If the photos are set to 4:3, Quick Take videos will be respective to that of aspect ratio instead of the default 16:9 video resolution.

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    6. Zoom Out Photos after Capturing  

    All the iPhone 11 series smartphones feature an ultra-wide camera and it might not be ideal to use the ultra-wide mode all the time. But the iPhone by default captures an ultra-wide variant of a picture even if you capture an image from the main camera. This feature comes in really handy to frame shots after they are shot.

    Image Credits: Cnet

    To try out zoom out feature:

    1. Select the image and click on the edit button at the top right.
    2. Select the Crop tool at the bottom.
    3. Now tap on the “three-dot menu” at the top right corner and select “Use Content Outside the Frame”
    4. Now you can zoom out images to view a wider field of view and crop accordingly if needed.

    7. Burst Shots

    Image Credits 9to5mac

    Capturing multiple shots in a single shutter press is something that the iPhone 11 series is capable of. Earlier this feature was implemented by long-pressing the shutter button and sliding towards the left. But with iOS 14 this feature has been implemented in a different way. Now long pressing on the Volume Up button to click Burst Shot. Using this the camera keeps on capturing the images until the button is pressed. This mode can capture shots up to 600 shots in one go.

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    8. Try Out Night Mode

    The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro both feature a Night Mode function where the Night Mode kicks in automatically when the scene is dark, unlike on Android phones where you have to manually set up the mode.

    One can find a Night Mode icon next to the flash icon where it shows you how long you need to hold still. Press the shutter button, and a meter will appear and count down from the recommended exposure time.

    You can tap the night mode icon if you need to override the automatic night mode exposure time to turn it off or increase the maximum exposure time.

    9. Use a tripod to improve Night Mode

    Night Mode works effectively for long exposures that last only for a few seconds. But if you are keen on creating the longest exposure, you can mount your iPhone 11 or 11 Pro to a tripod. The gyroscope assists in detecting whether the phone is perfectly still and then extends the exposure time to as long as 30 seconds.

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    10. Adjust Resolution and Frame Rate

    Now you can easily switch the resolution and frame rate of the video right from the camera app at the top. The frame rate and resolution is shown at the top right corner and you can adjust the setting by just tapping on the frame rate to switch the frame rate and similar action to adjust the resolution.

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    11. Photo-Editing Tools

    Once you have shot your perfect shot you can use the built-in image editing tool to retouch your images and make them stand out. To access the image editing tool click on the edit button at the top right of the photo. Now you can see all the advanced settings to crop, rotate, and alter the perspective. You can even retouch the images by adjusting the contrast, sharpness, white balance, and more.

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