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Sevenaire Introduces Three New MagSafe Chargers For Apple Users: Details Here

- Updated: 13th Apr 2022, 15:35 IST
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    Sevenaire MagCharge D1800
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    Wireless Charging Dock — MagCharge D1850
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    Sevenaire MagCharge D1900

You won’t be compromising on quality or design when you buy Apple products. No one knows these criteria better than SEVENAIRE, an Indian tech gadget firm. Three new amazing MagSafe 3-in-1 Charging stations for the Apple device ecosystem — MagCharge — are announced by India’s #1 wireless charger company Sevenaire. Sevenaire MagCharge 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Docks D1800, D1850, and D1900 provide 15 Watt charging.

When it comes to Apple accessories, design and quality are paramount. Sevenaire’s MagCharge docks power Apple devices in elegance. The new MagSafe chargers MagCharge D1800, D1850, and D1900, are high-quality materials intended to transform your workspace. These chargers are unique, portable, foldable, and powerful.

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Sevenaire MagCharge D1800

This stylish charger is a desktop stand with a price tag of Rs. 3,999. Its strong neodymium magnets firmly grasp your iPhone while charging it wirelessly at 15 Watts. It may be mounted horizontally or vertically to serve as a mobile stand for viewing and operation or a bedside clock. A second charging coil retains your Apple Watch, and the base features a third charging coil for your AirPods. A single 18W (or higher) QC 3.0 charger can charge all three devices. The dock also has a stylish LED charging indication.

There’s also a USB-A port on the back to set a fourth (or another brand) device up to 2A (wired). Apple iPhones, Apple Watch Series 7, SE, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Apple AirPods 2, 3, and Pro are all compatible. The D1800 also works with phones from Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Google that allow wireless charging through the included metal magnet ring.

The dock comes with a USB-C cable, and you can add an 18W fast charger for Rs. 499. The Sevenaire MagCharge D1800 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock is priced at Rs. 3,999 (about $4).

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Wireless Charging Dock — MagCharge D1850

Sevenaire Introduces Three New MagSafe Chargers

The D1850 is based on the D1800 but adds a folding option for more mobility. In addition to the folding stand for your iPhone (horizontally or vertically), the Sevenaire D1850 includes a Watch on the back. The base can wirelessly charge your AirPods and other compatible gadgets. The unusual design lets you position your iPhone at practically any angle.

The folding stand can be bent up to 270 degrees and rotated 360 degrees, making it easy to see and use while sitting at a desk. The dock comes with a USB A-C cable, and you can add an 18W fast charger for Rs. 300. The Sevenaire MagCharge D1850 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charging Dock is to cost Rs. 3,199.

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Sevenaire MagCharge D1900

The D1900 is ideal for those who need maximum mobility without sacrificing style. The Sevenaire MagCharge D1900 has three wireless charging pads and a silicone + ABS (128g) casing. From left to right, an 18W (or higher) Quick Charge adaptor can charge up to 15 Watts of compatible iPhone or Android smartphones, Apple Watches, and AirPods.

The Watch’s charging station incorporates a pop-up coil that enables it to be used as a nightstand clock. The pad may be used as an iPhone and Watch stand by folding it into a triangle or tent form. For a minimalist aesthetic, fold it entirely and use it as a single device wireless charging station. The dock comes with a USB C-C connector, and you may purchase an 18W fast charger separately for Rs. 300. The Sevenaire MagCharge D1900 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charging Dock is exclusively available in White for Rs. 4,999 off.

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A Qi-Certified fast and safe wireless charger is required for the Sevenaire MagCharge D1800, D1850, and D1900. To protect your essential electronics, every MagCharge Wireless Charger has overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and overcharging protection. In addition, each MagCharge Wireless Charger comes with a 1-year guarantee.


Highlights of the Story

  • Sevenaire, an Indian company, has introduced three new MagSafe-compatible chargers in the nation.
  • Charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at 15W with the D1800, a 3-in-1 3-in-1 wireless charging station!
  • A folding design is available on the D1850 and D1900, making them more portable.