A WiFi network lets us connect to the devices to the net without the requirement for ethernet cables. But to keep our net secure, we do need a WiFi password and to change our WiFi password is also a necessary step to be taken to ensure that our network security remains intact.

If there is no WiFi password, any person/entity can connect to your WiFi connection. This will lead to hoarders sucking your internet speed, and the worst possible thing that can happen is they can manipulate your connected devices to install viruses and swipe off sensitive data.

In order to prevent all of these problems, one should change their WiFi router’s default password to ensure that their internet connection is really secure.

In this article, we will give you tips and tricks on how to change your WiFi password and adjust your WiFi router’s configuration.

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Steps to change your WiFi password

Step 1

1) Navigate to your WiFi router’s configuration settings via a web browser of your choice. Now you need to punch in the default IP address of your router in URL address box of your web browser, and in most of the cases, it is usually or

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WiFi router's configuration

If in case the above-mentioned IP addresses do not work, then you should review your WiFi router’s details as the details may differ for the routers. You will find a sticker at the bottom of your WiFi router that will state the ‘IP Address’ or an ‘Access URL’ will be stated.

Step 2

2) Log into your WiFi router with the help of a username and password. The default username and password in most cases is either ‘admin/Admin’ or ‘UserAdmin/useradmin/userAdmin’. You can check for the WiFi router information by the router’s manufacturer or with the help of your internet service provider if the above-mentioned username and password do not work.

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change WiFi password

Sometimes, the username and password information can be found on the router itself.

Step 3

3) The moment you are logged in, navigate to the ‘Wireless’, ‘Wireless Security’ or the ‘WLAN’ settings. You should be able to see such settings in the top left or top right side of the corner of the WiFi configuration page.

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WLAN Settings

Step 4

4) The ‘WiFi Password’ or ‘Key’ column will be on this step now, and you need to enter the password you want your connection to have. Try to put in passwords that contain upper letter case, lower letter case, number and a symbol, as it will amount to a strong password. You will also be able to change your WiFi’s SSID on this step as well.

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change WiFi password

Step 5

5)Once the updated password settings are applied and completed, click on ‘Save’ or the ‘Apply’ option. This will make a permanent save in the changes made. After you change your WiFi password, the WiFi will automatically disconnect from the previously connected devices. Now, you will need to punch in the new password to reconnect.

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What to do in case you forget your password? 

You have the alternative to connect to your network via a direct connection with the help of an ethernet cable. We will also give you steps on the way to reconnect to your WiFi router when you forget your password. 

In case when you do not have an ethernet cable, just resetting your router will help. Resetting your WiFi will lead to factory settings of the WiFi router being restored. The current WiFi password will be erased. Furthermore, WiFi’s configuration settings page-login password will also be erased(if you changed the default login username and password).

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Below you will find the steps to reset your WiFi router- 

1) You need to press the reset button on your WiFi router. This button can be pushed only with a pin as the hole made for pushing reset button is narrow. You will find the hole next to the wordings ‘Reset’. 

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WiFi router

2)Now, you need to connect to the router network (at this point, there will be no password to connect through). Punch in the IP address to the configuration page in the web browser.

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3)Punch in the default username and password for your WiFi router. The manufacturer places the default username and password for the WiFi router on the back of the device. If you are not able to find the default username and password of the router, contact the manufacturer.

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change WiFi password

4)Now, move ahead to reset your WiFi password.

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We hope that our article has enlightened you on the steps to ensure that you can change your WiFi password. We have also provided you with info on how to connect to your WiFi router if you forgot your password.

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