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5 Best Gaming Monitors To Buy In India July 2024


Looking for the best gaming monitors in 2022? We will help you understand the basics of buying gaming monitors and what you should look for when making your purchase. In addition to this, you’ll find a list of five of the best gaming monitors in 2022 for every budget.

- Updated: 27th Jun 2024, 12:18 IST
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    What Should You Consider When Buying Gaming Monitors?
    • Purpose
    • Resolution
    • Response
    • Refresh Rate
    • Display Panel Technology
    • Gaming Monitors Sizes
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    What are the best gaming monitors in 2022?
    • Dell S3222DGM
    • Alienware 34 QD – OLED
    • Acer Predator XB3
    • Monoprice Dark Matter 42770
    • Dell SE2-417HGX

The best gaming monitors change the way you experience your gaming rig. If you don’t have the right gaming monitor for your PC setup, you won’t realize its full potential. Gaming monitors often have better colour reproduction and refresh rates. This makes them ideal for gaming at whichever resolution you prefer.

However, just like any other PC component, there are vital things to consider when purchasing. Gaming monitors come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications. After the recent rise of gaming as the dominant use for a computer, manufacturers have brought form multiple offerings. Each offering differs from the other in many aspects, a minute or otherwise.

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What Should You Consider When Buying Gaming Monitors?

When looking at the best gaming monitors for every budget, you’ll realize that each segment differs from the other. These monitors vary primarily in the refresh rates and quality of their images. Even then, there are other factors you’ll have to deal with when you’re conducting your research. Let’s look at some of the crucial points to consider when you’re buying gaming monitors.


A monitor can be used for many purposes. You have to determine what the primary purpose of your monitor will be. If you’re into gaming, you have to choose gaming monitors that will provide high refresh rates with less latency. For video creation and media professionals, a monitor that produces accurate colours would be the best. Lastly, if you’re just a casual and general user, you can still opt for a good monitor that would provide you with high contrast. This high contrast will produce good colours and make it easier to sit in front of the monitor’s screen for hours on end.

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A monitor’s resolution determines how good the picture quality will be. Higher resolutions signal higher pixel counts and sharper images. Moreover, the colours will be accurate as well. I’d recommend a monitor that gives at least 1080p. This is the standard resolution for all monitors in the market now. Gamers and professionals can also go for monitors that provide resolutions of 1440p or above.


This is a priority primarily for gamers. If the monitor you’re using is cheap and doesn’t provide a good response time, online gaming can become difficult. Response times usually indicate how fast a monitor can change the pixel colour from a black shade to white or between different shades of grey. The faster the changing speeds, the better. If the response time is low, you’re likely to face motion blur when playing games (even with the Motion Blur setting turned off).

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Refresh Rate

This is crucial when choosing the best gaming monitors. Higher refresh rates mean faster updation of the screen with new information. The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in Hertz (Hz). It indicates the number of times a monitor’s screen will update with newer data. The bigger the refresh rate, the smoother the gameplay will seem. Gamers will have to get gaming monitors that provide at least 120Hz refresh rates. Such high refresh rates will also benefit video editors. For the general public, however, 60Hz is acceptable.

Display Panel Technology

LCD panels used in today’s gaming monitors come in three different types. There’s Twisted Nematic (TN), In-Plane Switching (IPS), and Vertical Alignment (VA). All you need to remember is that VA is better than IPS and TN, while IPS is better than TN. Monitors using TN provide poor viewing angles but are the cheapest in the market. IPS monitors offer a good compromise between image quality and response times. Moreover, they produce better colours than monitors using VA. However, VA remains at the top thanks to excellent contrasts and picture quality. Ultimately, what you choose will depend on your budget and other requirements. To be on the safe side, you can go for IPS panels.

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Gaming Monitors Sizes

The larger the monitor size, the more you have to take care of pixel density. Pixel density is measured in pixels per inch (ppi). Higher ppi results in better image quality but will cost you more. If you’re gaming on a 1080p monitor about 24 inches in size, you should go for 90ppi or more. This is an excellent standard to remember when shopping for the best gaming monitors.

What are the best gaming monitors in 2022?

The best gaming monitors provide value for money, in addition to the points mentioned earlier. Ultimately, the gaming monitor that you buy will depend mostly on your budget and preferences. This is why we’ve curated a list of gaming monitors that cater to different budgets and gaming monitors. Let’s have a look at these gaming monitors now.

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Dell S3222DGM

As a gamer, you don’t want to compromise on either the colour reproduction or the refresh rates. Moreover, you are looking for a monitor that provides you with the best value for money. With the Dell S3222DGM, you get the best bang for your buck in terms of gaming monitors. This monitor comes with a VA panel and a generous 32-inch size. The QHD resolution is paired with a 165Hz refresh rate for maximum gaming performance. Furthermore, the build quality is excellent, and so are the contrast levels. Your gaming experience will be elevated to a whole new level with this gaming monitor.

  • Size – 32 inches
  • Resolution – 2560 x 1440
  • Refresh rate – 165Hz

Alienware 34 QD – OLED

Enthusiast and seasoned gamers often look for the very best, even when searching for gaming monitors. The Alienware 34 QD-OLED is one of the best gaming monitors that money can buy. Its premium price tag is backed up by a beautiful QD OLED panel, sharp picture quality, excellent resolutions, and capability for HDR gaming that many monitors won’t provide. This is the ultimate premium gaming monitor. Whether you play online games or want to see Red Dead Redemption 2 at its best, this is the monitor to buy.

  • Size – 34 inches
  • Resolution – 3440 x 1440
  • Refresh rate – 175Hz

Click here to buy

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Acer Predator XB3

Now, we come to the gamers who want to experience the latest AAA titles on 4K. Of course, it’s a given that if you’re interested in this monitor, you have the hardware to back up the interest. This offering from Acer has both HDR and G-Sync enabled. Moreover, it works at a stunning 4K resolution that isn’t locked at a measly 60Hz. You can use this 4K monitor at a blazing fast refresh rate of 144Hz. Moreover, if you look at its design, you can understand that it’s made purely for gaming. In addition, the response times are excellent. You won’t have to face any latency issues either. Are you looking for 4K gaming monitors? The Acer Predator XB3 should be your first choice.

  • Size – 27 inches
  • Resolution – 3840 x 2160
  • Refresh rate – 144Hz

Click here to buy

Monoprice Dark Matter 42770

If you haven’t heard of Monoprice, we don’t blame you. This company has been silently releasing some of the best gaming monitors you can find on a budget. The Dark Matter 42770 is one of their finest budget offerings. While it isn’t entry-level or the cheapest out there, if you’ve got a bit of cash and want the best budget value gaming monitor, this is it. It’s perfect for gaming at 1080p resolution, and the colour reproduction is highly accurate. It’s also compatible with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync technologies. Therefore, it’s future-proof!

  • Size – 25 inches
  • Resolution – 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh rate – 144Hz

Dell SE2-417HGX

This Dell gaming monitor should do the trick for those of you who want the most affordable gaming monitor without compromising on picture quality. Although you can’t expect highly accurate colour reproduction and a high refresh rate at this price segment, you get a good deal. Moreover, the build quality is good, and you can adjust the stand according to your preferences. Its bezels are also thin enough to give you plenty of screen surface area. For the budget-conscious gamer, this is an absolute steal.

  • Size – 24 inches
  • Resolution – 1920 x 1080
  • Refresh rate – 75Hz

People don’t usually think of changing or upgrading their monitors. However, the best gaming monitors provide multimedia experiences that no other monitor can provide. From watching a movie to playing the latest AAA games, gaming monitors are worth the investment. In the long run, you’ll have a much smoother gaming experience.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The best gaming monitors come in all different shapes, sizes, and properties. What you buy completely depends on your budget and tastes.
  • There are a few crucial points you should bear in mind when buying gaming monitors. Have a look at these points in this article.
  • We’ve listed the 5 best gaming monitors you can find today – from premium gaming monitors to the most affordable options.