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32 Upcoming PC Games And Console Games For July 2024 That You Must Try


If you’re looking for upcoming PC games and console games to while away these next few months, we’ve got you covered. This list features all the major game releases for multiple platforms.

- Updated: 28th Jun 2024, 10:31 IST
  • 1
    Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For March 2022
    • Shadow Warrior 3
    • Babylon’s Fall
    • Gran Turismo 7
    • WWE 2K22
    • Grand Theft Auto V: Next-generation update
    • Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin
    • GhostWire: Tokyo
    • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
    • Death Stranding: Director’s Cut
  • 2
    Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For April 2022
    • LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
    • MLB The Show 22
    • The House of the Dead: Remake
    • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    • Nintendo Switch Sports
  • 3
    Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For May 2022
    • Trek to Yomi
    • Evil Dead: The Game
    • Souldiers
    • Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong
    • Dolmen
    • MX vs ATV Legends
    • Sniper Elite 5
  • 4
    Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For June 2022
    • SpellForce III Reforced
    • Tour de France 2022
    • Mario Strikers: Battle League
    • The Quarry
    • Wreckfest
    • Capcom Fighting Collection
    • Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC
  • 5
    Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For July 2022
    • F1 2022
    • Matchpoint – Tennis Championships
    • As Dusk Falls
    • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
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With the start of a new year comes a new release schedule for a whole host of upcoming games. Whether you’re looking for upcoming PC games or upcoming console games, we’ve got you covered. Considering the fact that forthcoming releases tend to get delayed by the developers based on their progress, these dates are subject to change. However, I’ve added the confirmed release dates here for convenience.

At the tail end of 2020, Microsoft and PlayStation unveiled their new consoles, ushering in the next generation of gaming. While 2021 was an excellent year for games, it’s in 2022 that we’ll see the true powers of next-generation gaming. With cross-play and releases across many platforms, the possibilities are endless.

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Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For March 2022

This year’s March Madness involves the release of sequels to renowned franchises. In addition to this, you’ll find a few standalone games that might be worth trying. You won’t find too many big-name releases, however. Nonetheless, there are plenty of games releasing this month. Let’s look at the upcoming PC games and upcoming console games for March 2022.

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 upcoming pc games
  • Release date – March 1, 2022
  • Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Shadow Warrior series has gone under the radar for most casual gamers. If you’ve missed this franchise, I recommend you check out the previous instalments as soon as possible!

The franchise combines hectic gunplay inspired by DOOM, parkour, and hack-and-slash elements to create erratic yet supremely fun gameplay. In this upcoming pc game, you return to play as Lo Wang, the series’s protagonist, and team up with an arch-nemesis. A mighty dragon is on the loose, and it’s your job to recapture and return it to its prison for all eternity.

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Babylon’s Fall

Babylon's Fall
  • Release date – March 3, 2022
  • Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Babylon’s Fall is developed by the renowned Platinum Games. This developer is known for creating some of the best hack-and-slash action games, with unique twists that permeate through set genres. Cases in point would be Metal Gear Rising and Nier: Automata.

This upcoming PC game brings forth role-playing elements that combine with some excellent action gameplay. Your character is a Sentinel, an elite warrior whose goal is to scale a large tower called the Ziggurat. Each quest helps you ascend higher towards the summit of the building. On the way, you’ll face many enemies. Defeat them, and you’ll be rewarded with valuable loot to strengthen your character.

Babylon’s Fall features single-player gameplay. However, you can also complete quests with three friends thanks to the co-op modes. Whichever way you play it, you’re sure to be in for a treat!

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Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 upcoming console games
  • Release date – March 4, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

The Gran Turismo series has been the godfather of modern racing sims. Regardless of the significant number of competitor franchises, the series continues to attract attention from fans, both new and old. Gran Turismo 7 is an upcoming PS5 and PS4 game that’s the latest in the series.

Apart from the gorgeous graphics, the gameplay caters to casual gamers and racing enthusiasts. You can choose from a collection of 420 cars. If you like the feel of driving a retro car, you’ll find plenty of those here. For others, you have a choice from today’s modern vehicles to the best supercars available in the market.

How you drive and handle your car will depend on its make and the weather conditions. The developers have added dynamic weather that can change the course of a race in mere seconds. With both a single-player campaign and online modes, players will find plenty of content to go through.

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WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 upcoming console games
  • Release date – March 11, 2022
  • Platforms – PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Ever since 2K took over the development of WWE games from Yuke’s, the reception to each game had been topsy turvy. While the earlier entries worked well, it was with WWE 2K20 that the fans lost their interest in the games. The game was unfinished, and 2K drew a lot of flak from both critics and audiences.

The development team took their cues from this and took an entire year off. With this upcoming PC game, they aim to change the perspectives of their target audiences. Many changes have been introduced in the gameplay to make the matches more realistic. Character models have been improved, and the presentation is top-notch. This is the definitive wrestling game if you’re a fan of professional wrestling.

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Grand Theft Auto V: Next-generation update

Grand Theft Auto V Next Gen Update upcoming console games
  • Release date – March 15, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, Xbos Series X/S

GTA V is one of the best selling videogames of all time, and for good reason. When it was released in 2013, it received critical acclaim for its advancements in gameplay, graphics, and unique storytelling. Since then, the game has also been released for PC gamers with higher resolution textures, and a remaster, utilizing the power that modern-day PCs can provide.

Fast forward to March 22; while there’s no sign of a GTA VI reveal (yet), GTA V will be released for the next generation of consoles. This upcoming PS5 game features 60FPS gaming across the board, better graphics, and a smoother gameplay experience overall.

Considering the fact that Rockstar Games usually delivers, this GTA V upgrade will be well worth the hype. If nothing else, watching Trevor’s random antics on 60FPS and 4K resolution would still be worth the while!

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin upcoming pc games
  • Release date – March 18, 2022
  • Platforms – PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

The Final Fantasy series is a long-running franchise that has been acclaimed for its fleshed-out characters and nuanced storylines. With Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, developers Team Ninja have decided to return to the series’s roots.

The game’s set as a prequel to the first Final Fantasy game and is set in an alternate universe. You take control of Jack Garland, exploring the beautifully crafted world and fighting some of the biggest enemies in the franchise’s history. The main focus is on fluid, real-time combat where you have to chain physical and magical attacks.

While it doesn’t sound like much, Team Ninja is adept at producing excellent action games. If you like action games, or if you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series, check it out!

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GhostWire: Tokyo

GhostWire Tokyo upcoming pc games
  • Release date – March 25, 2022
  • Platforms – PC, PlayStation 5

If you’ve watched Keanu’s Reeve’s Constantine movie or Matt Ryan’s rendition of Constantine, you’ll love GhostWire: Tokyo. This upcoming PC game and PS5 game is set in, you guessed it, Tokyo, where a dark supernatural force has taken away all the inhabitants and replaced them with demonic hordes and monsters.

Your character, as the protagonist, is now the vessel for a powerful soul who can help you get on top of this situation. While you battle out the body/soul duality, you’ll be killing monsters and demons in the first person, with supernatural abilities. This is an exciting take on the first-person action/horror genre and is worth checking out.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
  • Release date – March 25, 2022
  • Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

Fans of the Borderlands franchise are hyped for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Featuring the titular character who made appearances in previous Borderlands games, this game keeps the core elements of Borderlands while making some interesting changes.

You’re tasked with creating your character and traversing through a large world with multiple, different environments. As you explore and loot to level up, you will come across plenty of dangerous enemies to power through.

Another important fact is that the voice cast for this game is stellar. Will Arnett, Wanda Sykes, and Andy Samberg lend their voices to the characters.

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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

Death Stranding: Director's Cut upcoming pc games
  • Release date – March 31, 2022
  • Platforms – PC

When game director Hideo Kojima left Konami in 2015, the gaming world was in tears. Kojima had created some of the most iconic gaming characters and series in the modern era. Thankfully, he wasn’t done with games just yet. In 2019, under a new label, he released Death Stranding.

Death Stranding, suffice to say, is one of the most unique games you’ll ever play. When the game was released, it divided fans and critics into both sides. Either it was deemed excellent or simply overhyped. Whatever it may be, you should play the game to find out.

This upcoming PC game is the Director’s Cut edition. You get enhanced visuals and gameplay upgrades. Your task, as Sam Bridges, is to connect isolated parts of the USA after a devastating alien cataclysm. Essentially, you’re delivering hope to the residents of the decimated nation. What better way to do that than the Director’s Cut?

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Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For April 2022

While we’re still a few days away from April 2022. However, we have a list of the upcoming PC game and console games bound for release this month. Although there aren’t too many significant releases from famous franchises, this will be a month for Nintendo Switch users. Time to look at the upcoming PC games and upcoming console games for April 2022.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
  • Release date – April 5, 2022
  • Platforms – PC, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

The Star Wars saga is massive in terms of storylines and characters. So, it’s a big deal when a game decides to incorporate all the nine movies and allows you to play as multiple characters. With this upcoming PC game, you get all of the above.

The LEGO games are always fun to play. Moreover, with this game, you’ll be able to choose the order in which you play through the events of the movies. Choose a character and a timeline, and you’ll be able to have unique journeys through this vast universe.

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MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 upcoming console games
  • Release date – April 5, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

Any fans of baseball in the house? If you are a fan, you’re already aware of how good MLB The Show series is. With MLB The Show 22, the developers plan to take it up a notch. This upcoming console game is best enjoyed on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S.

Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles two-way player, is the cover star for the game. There’s not too much information on the game yet, however. What we do know is that if you’ve subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can get the game for free!

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The House of the Dead: Remake

The House of the Dead Remake upcoming console games
  • Release date – April 7, 2022
  • Platforms – Nintendo Switch

Here’s another upcoming console game meant purely for the Nintendo Switch. After 25 years, the game is being remade for the modern audience.

The original game was a highly popular arcade shooter that captured audiences in the late 1990s. Formerly, you could see this game in most old-school arcades with their gaming machines. Of course, since these arcades are few and far between now, you can enjoy the game at home on your Switch console.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  • Release date – April 20, 2022
  • Platforms – Nintendo Switch

The original Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was released in 2008. The super hit game left fans clamouring for more. You won’t get a new Force Unleashed game anytime soon. However, you can play this classic on your Nintendo Switch.

Walk in the shoes of Starkiller, Darth Vader’s “secret apprentice”. Use the Force and combine it with devastating lightsaber combos to take down your enemies. The game’s events are set between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope. Essentially, this adds an entirely original storyline.

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Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports
  • Release date – April 29, 2022
  • Platforms – Nintendo Switch

This one is for the Nintendo enthusiasts. Nintendo Switch Sports will cater to plenty of sports enthusiasts. The collection comes with mini-games that use the Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers for total control.

Games such as sword fighting, bowling, badminton, and football are all playable. Nintendo Switch Sports will be perfect for playing with friends and family. Furthermore, this adds a slight amount of competitive edge to family gatherings!

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Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For May 2022

Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi
  • Release date – May 5, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

If you’ve been a fan of Akira Kurosawa and have played Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll definitely be interested in Trek to Yomi. This is a side-scrolling action-adventure game developed by Devolver Digital. The game has a unique art style that will truly bring out the cinematic masterpiece evident with games of this nature. Moreover, the story is quite interesting. You play as Hiroki, a samurai who decides to protect his village after his master’s death. Apart from human foes and social relationships, the game also ventures into the supernatural realm. Watch out for this one!

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game
  • Release date – May 13, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch

For fans of the cult classic horror franchise, this is a boon. Evil Dead: The Game features an asymmetrical gameplay style with multiplayer elements. You and your friends can play as Ash and other famous characters. Ultimately, you’ll have to take on a monster that will also be controlled by another player. The game faced multiple delays due to development issues. However, it’s finally set for release. There’s also a single-player story that combines plot points from the major movies and TV series.

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  • Release date – May 19, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch

Souldiers is an action-packed game that will grace all the consoles in May 2022. The game is inspired by Dark Souls and Metroidvania games. Moreover, the game’s retro look brings back plenty of nostalgia from the olden days of gaming. The combat is brutal, similar to the gameplay you find in Soulsborne games, and there are RPG elements as well. There’s also an entire world to explore here, and you’ll have to solve puzzles to unlock more areas of the game.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

Vampire The Masquerade Swansong
  • Release date – May 19, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch

Don’t confuse this game with the other Vampire: The Masquerade games that are also currently in the works. This is a different game with an entirely new story. The game features investigation mechanics and multiple playable vampires. Each vampire has unique properties and perks based on their clan. Whichever vampire you choose to play as, you can further customise your skills. Furthermore, you can control three vampires in the setting of Boston. How the power struggle ends, with which clan is on top, will be based on your choices.

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  • Release date – May 20, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

As fans of Lovecraftian horror, we’re pretty excited about this game. Dolmen sets Lovecraftian horror into outer space, with sci-fi and RPG cores. The Dolmen is a crystal that can interact with multiple realities and even change them. It’s your job to retrieve this object from a planet named Revlon Prime. On your way, you’ll encounter dangerous aliens and fight them in Dark Souls-style combat mechanics. This is a unique game that you should definitely try.

MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends
  • Release date – May 24, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

The MX vs ATV franchise has been a staple for fans of off-road racing. With MX vs ATV Legends, you get massive open worlds and gorgeous visuals. There’s also an enormous selection of vehicles to specialise in. Moreover, if you want to become an off-road racing legend, try out the comprehensive Career Mode that will come with the game.

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Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5
  • Release date – May 26, 2022
  • Platforms – PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Rebellion has perfected the art of sniping with its Sniper Elite franchise. This time, you take control of Karl Fairburne to disrupt a dangerous Nazi plot in World War II. Expect the same bone-crunching bullet physics and X-Ray shots of shooting bullets through skulls. Moreover, the game will refine the existing gameplay elements even further. There are huge maps to hunt down targets and multiple weapons to customise in this game.

Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For June 2022

SpellForce III Reforced

SpellForce III Reforced

Release date – June 7, 2022

Platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

If you’re a fan of real-time strategy and RPG mechanics, SpellForce III might be a game for you. SpellForce III Reforced is a remaster of the original SpellForce III that was released in 2017. The game received above average reviews on release, and provided gorgeous visuals as well. It serves as a prequel to the first game in the series. So, if you haven’t played the other games in the franchise, you can try this game to get a better context of the entire series.

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Tour de France 2022

Tour de France 2022

Release date – June 9, 2022

Platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

We all know that Tour de France is one of the most gruelling sports showcases in the modern era. It takes a special amount of grit and attrition to compete in the race. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to participate in the sport, you’ve got a virtual chance now with Tour de France 2022. This game features all the 21 stages of the competition and simulates issues such as injuries. You can create your own cyclist and play in a bid to become the champion. Additionally, the Pro Team mode will provide an excellent simulation of creating a world-class cycling team. This is a niche game, but it definitely seems interesting.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario Strikers Battle League

Release date – June 10, 2022

Platforms – Nintendo Switch

This game is for both fans of football and fans of the Mario franchise. It offers a chaotic rendition of a game of football, with all the major and popular characters from the popular series. The game doesn’t count fouls, so you can tackle your opponents in the worst way possible to stop them from scoring. Each character plays differently, and you can equip gear to make them perfect for a particular position. This allows for some level of customisation. Mario Strikers: Battle League is guaranteed to be chaotic and fun at every turn or tackle.

The Quarry

The Quarry

Release date – June 10

Platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

This one’s for the horror fans out there. The Quarry is another gorgeous game from Supermassive Games, tackling the horror genre. The story revolves around teenage counsellors who are partying at Hackett’s Quarry, secluded from the main town. They’re then hunted by sinister forces and violent locals, with the main aim to survive the night. You can play the game as multiple characters, with your in-game decisions tailoring the narrative. So, this adds a level of replayability to the game. If you’re a fan of horror movies, The Quarry will provide you with an interactive cinematic experience.

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Release date – June 21, 2022

Platforms – Nintendo Switch

The original Wreckfest was already released for the consoles and PC as early as 2014. Since then, the game has become renowned for its chaotic, addictive, and destructive gameplay. This time, Wreckfest comes to the Nintendo Switch, bringing a less family-friendly game to the console. The game uses soft-modelling physics to produce realistic vehicle damage. Wreckfest’s main objective is to simply destroy your opponents without having your car damaged to the point of return. You’ll understand exactly what this game is about if you’ve played classics like FlatOut and Carmegeddon!

Capcom Fighting Collection

Capcom fighting collection

Release date – June 24, 2022

Platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

This game is for those of you who have never played arcade games, or want to revel in the nostalgia. Some of the oldest and the most classic games from Capcom’s collection have been added to the Fighting Collection. From Cyberbots to the older Street Fighter titles, you’ll find a huge range of games here. Moreover, you can even play all the games online with your friends. So, if you’re thinking about playing some of the older games, this is one of the upcoming PC games you should look out for!

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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC

Cuphead dlc

Release date – June 30, 2022

Platforms – Xbox One, PC, Switch

Cuphead is one of those indie delights that gained an immense number of followers thanks to excellent gameplay. The game combines puzzle, platformer, and action elements to provide you with a high-octane and intense gaming experience. Cuphead’s aesthetics will remind you of the older 1930s Disney cartoons, making the game all the more enjoyable. This time, Cuphead faces off against bigger bosses and more formidable challenges. If you thought the main game, Cuphead, was challenging, get ready for the last course!

Upcoming PC Games And Upcoming Console Games For July 2022

F1 2022

F1 2022

Release date – July 1, 2022

Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

For fans of the FIA Formula One Racing Championship, this game is a boon. It features all the 20 official drivers and 10 teams to choose from, with authentic vehicles as well. The F1 game series has always featured gorgeous visuals and immersive gameplay, and F1 2022 isn’t any different. In fact, there are marked improvements from the previous iterations. Codemasters has always pushed the boundaries with their F1 series, and with the game being published through EA’s resources, this is the right time to buy this game. If you haven’t played any of the F1 games yet, now’s the time. Make sure you play the highly detailed My Team career mode to experience the joys, pitfalls, and challenges that the world of F1 has to offer.

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Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

matchpoint - tennis championships

Release date – July 7, 2022

Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

When it comes to gaming, very few tennis games have created any sort of hype or excitement. However, Matchpoint – Tennis Championships aims to change that notion. The game features a unique and deep career mode that will reel you in almost instantly. The gameplay is detailed enough to give you a run for your money, and it also features fully customisable avatars. How far will your avatar go in the world of tennis? You get to decide the outcome. The game also features different, famous arenas from all over the world. Whether you master hard, grass, or clay court, you’ll have to work your way to the top of the tennis world.

As Dusk Falls

as dusk falls upcoming pc games

Release date – July 19, 2022

Platforms – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

As Dusk Falls is a Microsoft-based game with a fascinating premise. If you’ve liked the interactive storytelling and open-ended elements of The Walking Dead and Life Is Strange, you might want to give this game a proper shot. As Dusk Falls features the entangled tales of two families, spanning across a time frame of 30 years. Your choices in the game will change how the game’s story unfolds. Each decision that you make has consequences in the future. With some mature themes to tackle, this is one of the upcoming PC games that might be the next storytelling epic!

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

xenoblade chronicles 3

Release date – July 29, 2022

Platforms – Nintendo Switch

The Xeno universe has been running strong ever since its release in 1998. Part of the universe is the long-running Xenoblade Chronicles series. Starting in 2010, the series has been a massive hit in the gaming community, providing excellent gameplay and detailed stories to boot. With Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the developers are aiming to push the boundaries once again. The action-based RPG provides addictive combat and a large open world for players to explore. Moreover, it’ll also show the futures of the worlds depicted in the previous two games. While the series may not be for everyone, there’s a reason why they’ve done so well in the past. If you’re in the mood to try something new, give Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a try!


These are the upcoming PC games and upcoming console games that you should look out for. We’ll keep updating the list with new games and dates as and when they’re announced. Until then, why not try some of the games listed here when they’re released? Who knows, you might even find a favourite!

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  • GTA V is being released for the next generation of consoles. Moreover, it will feature multiple updates across the board.
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