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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 – 3 Features You Should Not Miss!


Excited for the new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6? Check out all the changes and additions that Activision will be bringing to this amazing shooter!

- Updated: 28th Jun 2022, 17:59 IST
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    Jackal Fighter Planes
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    Summing up

Call of Duty: Mobile has been going strong in the smartphone battle royale game segment for quite a while now. Each consecutive game season brings some better and more extensive features for the players to rave about. With Season 5 coming to an end, Activision has announced that Season 6 is in the works and will be released on June 29, 2022. This time, we’re set to see Call of Duty: Mobile go all out to provide bigger and better rewards. Let’s look at all that we can expect from the new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6!

Battle Pass

Battle Pass

The new Call of Duty: Mobile will feature an entirely new battle pass. You can expect items such as calling cards, cosmetic items, and even new weapons to be introduced in the upcoming season. For example, when you reach Tier 21 in the Battle Pass, you can have your hands on the KSP 45. This weapon could be slated as one of the best SMGs (submachine guns) in the game so far. At Tier 50, expect the Sky Sentry Calling Card. This could be one of the game’s most potent calling cards. Of course, at Tier 50, the game expects you to put in the work to earn the card. Lastly, weapon blueprints will also be added to the new Battle Pass.

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Seasonal Rewards

L-CAR 9 call of duty: mobile season 6

This would also be an excellent time to purchase the premium version of the Battle Pass. There will be various items up for grabs in the Premium Battle Pass, such as weapon blueprints for rare weapons. These weapons include but aren’t limited to the Man-O-War, L-CAR 9, and Locus. Additionally, if you’ve watched the ‘To the Skies’ stream, you’ll have access to all the items shown through the Premium Battle Pass. This means you can access items such as the Ethan – Flying Sharks tactical robot. Overall, there will be plenty of objectives to complete as you go for a total of 30,000 Experience Points.


Favela map

It’s been a while since Call of Duty: Mobile introduced a new game map. According to Activision, the Favela map will be added to the game. This map is based on Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ version of the same map. Expect some minor detail changes to be made to the map so that veterans don’t have it all figured out from the first go. The map is quite complex and almost functions as a maze. Considering how congested the map will be, we recommend using SMGs or Assault Rifles to dominate your opponents. However, at the moment, this seems like the only map being added in the new update.

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Jackal Fighter Planes

Jackal jets  call of duty: mobile season 6

Since the game’s Battle Royale mode already features plenty of vehicles you can use, a significant vehicle update was required. Activision has heard the game’s players and will be adding Jackal Fighter Planes to the newest update. Now, aerial dogfighting can become one of the game’s best yet most chaotic elements. As a player, head towards the map’s landing strips and get into the planes to start using them. In case you were wondering about the weaponry, the planes will feature machine guns, a limited number of missiles, and decoys for your dogfighting pleasures. The game’s HUD (Heads Up Display) will change when you’re in the fighter plane. It’ll show you all the relevant information on friendlies and enemies operating other planes.

Each time you use the planes and kill your enemies, you will be rewarded based on Jackal-specific objectives. This means there will be no shortage of objectives and rewards for players to complete!

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Summing up

As you can see, many exciting additions are coming with Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6. We think that the addition of new weapon blueprints and aerial combat will spice up the gameplay extensively. Considering the stiff competition that the game has to face now from Apex Legends Mobile, it makes sense for Activision to make these additions. Only time will tell how well they’ve implemented these ideas in the upcoming season.

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